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Part 2: Perfect Fit

I slip off your chest and come around behind her. My lithe body slips between your legs, which you bend so I can tuck my face in deep. I can smell her juice, I can taste her drippings all over your balls as I flick and dip them in and out of my mouth.  She spreads her ass cheeks as she pumps you, her hips drilling in sharp, and I slide up from your full balls along her ravine until my tongue is right over her puckered, pink hole. I spin my tongue – warming her up, letting her feel how good wet can be.  And she groans, oh, how she moans from the intensity of our shared frenzy.

We’ve got her exactly where you’ve always wanted her.

You pull her off before she can come and flip her over, her swollen lips drop square on your face and you eat like a man starved.  I’ve slipped my legs over your hips in the meantime, bending my knees so that when she lies on your tummy, my cunt and your cock can be bedmates in her mouth.  My hips tilt up to assist as she takes us both in; I can feel the heat of your balls, your cock steaming with lust so close to my throbbing, aching cunt. Back and forth she goes, using her hands and her mouth to pleasure us.

It’s so intense to feel your body under and beside me while her mouth is on me, her fingers in me… all at the same time.  You hold my feet, tracing my calves, my ankles, the squeezing arch of my feet as you finish her off; she pushes down on you, your nose gets lost in her crack as she cums hard; fuck, she comes so hard in your mouth and you cry out together.

Panting, she rolls off to the side, onto the floor, we leave her to watch and learn. I want to crawl up along your body and lay on your heaving chest. I want to kiss you sweet and deep.  I marvel at your slicked up, colossal hard on.  My pussy squirts just looking at your thick, long, strong body.   You reach for me.  But I want you to want me more than this.  I want you to need my passion, Baby. You moan and reach for me again. Then you smile.  And that smile, your face… oh, your flushed face is such a beautiful face and… I’m putty. I just can’t resist you.

I give you exactly what you ask for; I suck you off so hard that your back arches as you pull up. You want to pull out, it’s so intense but you are so needing my mouth on you like this, so, you swivel your hips instead.  You tell me you’ve always needed me like this.  And I believe you.

We’re a perfect fit.  She sees this and her fingers pick up speed as she swirls around her clit.  She wants what we have but tonight is all she’ll get.  She knows this, and she rolls her hips with longing and anticipation.

Now your cock is lodged deep in my throat, then pushing against my cheek as you grab my hair and we pick up speed. My hand jerks your thick, gorgeous shaft, while my tongue constantly laps you from balls to tip over and over.  You see her climb behind me and when her head disappears, all you can see is her back arching up with her ass in the air – mine mirroring hers as she dips in and sucks hot on my ass, right on my sweet bow.

I moan suddenly, a low, hungry, animal moan that vibrates along your shaft right to your core. We moan together again and our breath is panting, you are breathless from this pleasure, and this unbelievable view. As I suck both balls into my mouth, I savour them with my strong,  pink tongue.

I look up into your eyes and I recognize that look before you blow – remembering all the times before when my big brown eyes looked into your shining ones… remembering how your jaw drops, your eyes sharpen their focus, your hips buck and your breath catches as you shoot a hot load of cum into both our mouths. She kisses me then, lapping up your cum as it spills over my swollen, rosy lips… I kiss your salty spray out from the corner of her mouth.

Between kisses, as you catch your breath, I smile at her because we know this isn’t over. “More,” she says in a lusty whisper. “Yes?”  I ask you and you reply with a caress on my arms, my thigh, “Please, oh fuck, please, yes.  Yes, please give me more.”

. . . to be continued

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