1 + 1 = 3…

I get wet just thinking about it.  My pussy drips with dewy heat, picturing your face as she walks in:

Bounding tits and round ass.
Huge, innocent blue eyes and a mouth that’s as fuckable as the rest of her – red, moist and deliciously wide.
Shiny, honey-coloured hair

Magnificent tits.

Then your mouth is on her. Her small pink nipples stiffen into little beads as I blow where your tongue has traced her, making her slick… making her huge, jiggling melons shine.

Your strong hands trace and pinch these longed-for jugs, her supple skin oozing between your fingers as you squeeze. My mouth now between her legs… she moans and tilts her head to the ceiling, back arching, making her stomach taut. My tongue is making magic.  Making her feel like you feel when I’m down on you, only better.  Because this is how she’s always wanted to feel, like only a woman knows how to make her feel.  And she’s so hungry for me.  She twists and squeezes my small, perky tits, pushes against me, her pussy mewing and grinding into my sweet face.  Oh lover, she’s gorgeous and she wants us so bad.

She knows you’re mine and she’ll do anything I say… anything you want.

You haven’t allowed yourself to want this.  It was too much to give in to the temptation… to believe you could have us both, to believe you are as desirable as I know you are.  And she has wanted you for so long; for years, passing one another at functions and parties, she has looked you in the eye and silently begged you to notice her. Behind every innocent smile has been her question, “Will you let me grant your every wish?” All she has wanted is for you to fill her, she’s dreamt of gratifying your every whim. And now, when she looks you in the eye, you see her for the first time.  I see how hot she makes you.  She sees how hungry you are for what she’s about to give you.  And we all moan.

She mounts you, teasing with her trimmed muff, just barely letting the head of your throbbing cock slip inside her hot box.

I sit on the love seat across from you, in your line of vision and I spread my legs, watching.  My breath gets faster.  I am so hot for you.  I’ve wanted to give this to you almost as much as you’ve wanted her.  My cheeks flush and my breath quickens as I finger my secret place, round and round just the way you like.  Dipping into my pussy, we all hear my slick juice which makes your cock pulse and throb with even more life. The smell of my wet makes you grab her hips and plunge yourself into her, making us all gasp as she moans with exquisite pleasure.

“That’s it,” I whisper under her moans. “That’s it,” you say as she takes all of your thick man-meat in her warm, tight cunt.  “That’s it,” she gasps as she rides you, her pussy walls trying to suck the cum right out of you.

You pump her a little harder, watching her huge tits bounce wild like wind-blown beach balls. She answers your sex-growls by grinding her pelvis into you. (We all moan so loud that your neighbours must turn and stare out their windows.)  But you don’t care anymore, do you?  Because finally, we’re all here.

Oh, my sweet, you are even more stunning when you get what you want.

I see your face; that horn-dog face that’s directly wired to my pussy. That expression makes my clit throb, it drives me insane with desire and soaks me through… while I sit in traffic, sit at dinner parties and endure long meetings. Your face is what I picture when I moan your name – whatever the distance between us.  That look makes me want to feed your throbbing cock into my hungry pussy all day and night. How I dream of being thrashed by your gorgeous shaft.

Your sweet face has made this good-girl go so fucking bad.  And when I see ‘the look’, I smile my secret smile, knowing you want to see how much I-she-we can fuck you.  I can’t wait for you to find out how desperate she is to be fed hard cock in every hole – I’m so excited to watch your massively hard cock fill her, eventually stuffing us both hard.

Now, your hands are on her hips, rubbing up and down, dipping into her tiny waist.  Her juices flow down your burning rod with every thrust. You’re watching me, pleased by my own private show. I walk over and dip my ready tits into your mouth.  In an instant, your whole hand slides effortlessly into home base, jamming me right to my insatiable end, spreading me so wide I can’t breathe and I cum right there; my squirt drips hot down your fingers.

As I catch my breath, my perky tits jiggle along with her robust ones – with every pounding she gives you. I slide my hand down the smooth cleft between her smooth thighs. “Yes,” she whimpers as I rub her cum-button. Her pussy grabs greedily at your pounding cock.

I swing my legs around to face her, straddling you so that you can fuck me with that skillful tongue.  You suck my clit from behind, my sweet brown ass all in your face.  You make my legs shake and I moan and moan. Your shaft is buried deep in her folds, her juiced up, hot, pink cunt drips, coating my fingers as I jam her clit.

Your mouth on me is amazing, your hands separating my cheeks as you slide from clit to ass and back again make my head buzz; I want more, I want you deeper.

But it’s not time.  We still have things to do… cunts to tame, a cock to worship and at least two willing fuckslots to drill.

. . . to be continued

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