1 + 1 = 3…

Part 3: the finale

I swing your blonde dream girl around and spread her out on the cum-soaked sheets. She looks at us and smiles as she traces her outline… she’s so fucking hot.  Our sexy bodies meet tit-to-tit, cunt-to-cunt and we tongue each nook and cranny while you direct our tugs and bites.  Because you are who we are here for; we’re here so you can watch our bodies, slick with sweat and cum, entwine for a girl-on-girl fuckfest.

Her fingers, mouth and tongue dip into all my crevices and your dick rears its head, listening to my deep moans.  “You have no idea how many nights I’ve dreamt about this,” she says, looking right at you, “Kissing for you. Licking for you. Fucking for you.” Her breath catches then and for a moment, we are lost in the smooth wonder of ourselves.

If it weren’t for my brown and black/ her pink and blonde, you wouldn’t know ass from head as we eat each other out, building into another feeding frenzy. My favourite vibrator slips into her little asshole, warming her up for the massive, throbbing baseball bat you now hold in your sure hands. And as we eat, slurp and chomp on our soaked muffs, you’re ready to have your way with us again.  But this time, there’s only going through the backdoor.

You spin her onto her back, lifting her hips against you, her knees falling to the floor by her head.  Ass-up, her tits spill into her face. She gasps and cries out as your cock fills her. She gasps with pleasure, encouraging you to keep going. She pulls me over her face so, I am facing you now, my body quivering with the intense pleasure of her mouth. I finger my clit and my jaw drops as I look at you. I nod, and smile at your amazing body in the peak of its pleasure zone. We are a web of bodies as I watch you enjoying this gift.

And you remember why you promised we’d never be apart.  Even now, with your cock embedded and thrashing another’s ass, we see each other and can’t believe our luck.  We moan our deep, dirty moans as you push deeper into her.  You ask, “Yes?” and I say, ““I want all of it, every… last … drop…” so you thrust  harder. I slip away, come behind you, spreading my juice on my fingers so I can tease your asshole.

We’re all breath, panting, heaving, moaning waves of pleasure. You push and push until she screams her cum in a raspy voice.

You feel her asshole clench up and you grab on, squeezing her tits simultaneously…  you bury your head in her sweaty, blonde hair as she arches up into you. Your curvy treat howls with unbelievable pleasure.

Raw sex.

I want you to hear it now.  Right where you are. Can you imagine how hungry we are for you, my love-starved man?  Now remember how fantastic you-me-we are and listen to your dick begging to swing ‘round my way. You know you can’t wait to finish with me… see me again so you can hear my own cries of pleasure, the way your cum fills me with sweet love.  Tell me, how perfect is it to picture us while you sit wherever you are… in your Oscar-worthy performance as the nice guy, the reserved, grounded thinker… ever the consummate gentleman.

I get wet just thinking about it.
I get this way just thinking about you.
Oh, my God, please, just come to me now.

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