do not disturb, part 3…

A Traveling Tale Concludes…

She is incredible heat, inside and out. Your panting groans shoot electrical pulses through her thick, swollen box as your fingers pound her.  His hands disappear into her hair as he thrusts and this cock-starved treat takes him, deep throat all the way.

Her eyes are watering inside this body completely possessed by cock and passion. Your cock throttles her ripe fuck-box while your thumb pounds and stretches her puckered hole.  Her cries are muffled. She’s overcome; she’s not sure if she wants to scream or beg but it’s wanton pleasure driving her… you…. him.

You all pick up the tempo. She can feel her juices mixing with your sweat and it’s so fucking hot how dirty you all are together.

As her generous mouth receives the thrashing of its life, she tilts her ass up even more and you whip her into a frenzy.  Your hands on her thick hips, you ram your inspired cock so deep into her, she almost passes out from deep delight.

Oh, fuck me.

She is as hot as a firecracker and her ass is singing – stretched wider than a choir boy.

None of you care if the entire hotel is listening or watching, for that matter. She just wants more and more. She wants sex like she’s never had it before, like you never knew anyone could want it.  All you can think about is giving it to her.

Your lust-rods punish her as she writhes and begs for more.

She scratches and bites and it feels so bloody good… 

(What I would give to be with you, hearing her moan like this; watching her beg for this furious offering of strangers’ cocks.)

She is going to cum all over you. You both groan over her wild cries and moans. You feel her walls grab tight from inside. Her tits and hips convulse.  Her ravenous cunt milks every last bit of your hot jizz before she collapses into the smell of your sex.

The feeling of your dirt is so intense; you’re all trembling.

You shower together. As she is cleaned in every nook and cranny, she smiles, sandwiched between these tall, strong, man-hard bodies.

You hear the door click again and you realize this is just the beginning of a very delicious evening.

With renewed lust in her eyes, your insatiable and leggy lover brushes her lips against your ear,

“Forget about her – I won’t ever say no to you,” she whispers. “I want you all to myself.  What can I do to make you mine?”

But you tell her that you are already claimed; that you are only mine.  You tell her that every time your cock throbs, every time it jerks and pounds, and every time you cum, you cum for me.

“Well, she’s one lucky fool.”
You don’t correct her.

– by Lola Moi – 

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