a glass at the door

… you want me?
Come close, hear my voice and picture this:

The glass of wine outside your door.  Still cool, the condensation rests lightly on the rim.  You sip, smirking with delight.  Its taste lingers… surprising in it’s ardour, it’s aroma… surprisingly unfamiliar.


Music. Hear it? Place it in your ear. Hear it now, let it take you through the door. Hear your blood pounding as you step into the room.

And see.

Candles everywhere. The golden-hued shadows dance through petals scattered.

Purple roses.

You follow a path to the centre of the room and… you sense me before you feel the silk blindfold you.  And all is dark. All is inside you, outside… waiting to come in.

“I’ve been waiting so long for you,”  I purr softly into your ear.  You can feel me smile.

My hands gently trace your beauty.  And you are beautiful. You are light.  You are my glorious lover and I will do everything you want me to but first…

But first.

I undress you. Gently but firmly, I guide you and my mouth replaces each article of clothing removed.  As you are revealed, I moan and coo my approval, my breath blows and cools as my tongue luxuriates over your humid skin.

You reach for me but I kiss your palms, “Wait my sweet, wait”.  My tongue calms each finger, with each length consumed, I make promises to you.  And your breath catches, you giggle the way you do when you are feeling greedy… you are delighted at what is to come…. of what I will do to you.

You give in to me, now.  You no longer care to control me or what is happening, the rules are mine to make and ours to break.  For now, you give in to me, to our shared desire, and I adore you, yearning to let you feel every inch of my dewy flesh.  But you feel only my mouth, my hands and my sweet, hot breath.  You only hear my voice moan and whisper my hunger for you.  You let me inspire you.

Soon, you lose track of my body; I am everywhere you need me to be, places you thought no longer cared.  My fingers, my tongue reveal crevices and folds you never even knew to be alive.  You are my newly discovered island and I intend to exploit every bit of your natural resources.

Your knees go weak as you feel me suck and ply every joint, your spine trembles as I lift your arms and my mouth gently, ever so gently, my mouth laps and sucks along the length of your wide back, my fingers tripping lightly up to your nape, until they lose themselves in your hair.

And then.  I am gone.

Every millimeter of your body is electrified. Your bones literally ache for just one more moment of me.  You quietly call for me.

Hear the music.
Taste the wine, still tingling on the inside of your cheek.
Smell me.

I am there, right now.  With you.  Can you smell me?

You reach for me again.
Suddenly, silk around one wrist, then the other, bound to one another as you hear my voice, deep in your ear, soft and insistent, “Shhh, wait, Lover. Wait”.

And then my mouth is on your dancing cock, both hands stacked as I lick and suck your magical shaft clockwise, then counterclockwise with my clever tongue.  I take your entire length into my mouth.  I moan with throaty pleasure as you slip far, so far down inside me.  My cheeks, hollow out as I try to milk the cum right out of you.   Over and over, I take you in, squeezing, rubbing, flicking your amazingly sweet pole only to pop you back out again so I can indulge my delight.

Your head pounds, behind your eyes, pinching the space between your ears, and you think you might scream.  You think you can only feel this pain at work, you wonder how can you feel so good and so insane at the same time?  You are blinded by lust, my sweetest treat.  Who knew? And when did you realize that all you want is this painfully luscious passion between us?  Now will you admit your need?

And I want to see this in your eyes; I want you to see it in mine so, when the blindfold comes off, you see my joy as I smile at you.  You see me naked… in my flesh, in my desire, in my need for you.  And even though you are continually surprised at my ardour… my aroma has become surprisingly familiar.  And that makes you truly smile.

I drape lithe, lean on your bed now.
My juice resting light on my lip’s rims.

You know my taste will linger…

And in that moment, there is a silence.  As my big brown eyes look into yours, we revel in the soft caress of happiness.


Do this now.  For me, please.
And yes, you will have me.

~ by Lola Moi 

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