Dear Gentle Sir,

If I were your skin, I would be Bliss.
If I were your hands, I would never dress.
If I were your heart, I would give you exactly what you wanted… needed.
If I were your eyes, I wouldn’t take me off you.
To be your diaphram would be a breathtaking adventure.
And only Truth would fall from your mouth, if I were your tongue.

Your brain, could it comprehend the magnitude of my desire for you
would be confused to understand all this
I have for your flawed perfection.

If you were me, you would know joy
every time I looked at you
and heard your voice
or watched you walk
witnessing you being who you are in this world.

If you were my cunt, you would
Just like I am now
wantinglongingrememberingthinking of you.

Yes, you, gentle sir.


Lola Moi xo

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