it went like this…

I want you, your brain, your body
to fuck me senseless, to leave me with whisker burn for days
to feel naked even with clothes on
for want of remembering the way you look at me
i want you to kiss me everyfuckingwhere
and lick me
grab me and hold me
(yes, fuck)
i want you, your brain, your body
to make love, sweet and gentle and slow
to me, just me
to love and fuck
fuck and love
(it’s all i want)
until i am turned inside out from care
left beautiful for your caresses
left shining from deep adoration
(fuck, yes)
our lingering goosebumps
a living torture
wanting to give more
a testament to shared desire
this once-gift
(yes yes yes)

an irretrievable truth between lovers

– Lola Moi –

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