more things that make me moan…

When my nipple hardens in your mouth.
Hearing your voice, husky and hot in my ear.
The way you watch me as I undress for you.
Your cum face.
Licking and sucking the length and width of your dancing cock.
Hearing your fantasies, making them happen.
To dress for you, without a bra and barely a pair of panties.
A hearty, deep finger fuck.
My long legs draped over your shoulders.
My lips barely tracing your body… all over.
Your sex smell.
Being completely still and naked in front of the other, barely breathing… watching the other.
Your hands gripping tight in my hair, on my hips, around my breasts.
Every time you blush.
When you undress me, slowly, gently, sweetly.
When you firmly, unapologetically hold my wrists above my head, pin them behind my back.
When your brow creases from need, from the intensity of our pleasure.
The nape of your neck.
Knowing what you think when you touch yourself.
Your secrets.

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