When the muse comes to your bedside don’t tell her you’ll fuck her later.  
– Allen Ginsberg –

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  1. secretthots October 30, 2012 at 2:17 pm #

    oh, mmmmmmm: “He found the perfect spot, that O-spot…” and more! thanks for sharing your muse. yum. xo


  1. Back to Normal « smittenwithhim - October 30, 2012

    […] He lingered for a few moments right inside my door, pressing and rubbing gingerly. He found the perfect spot, that O-spot, and I felt a surge of hotness. My legs began to tremble softly. I leaned over to rest my forehead on his cheek, to nibble on the side of his neck while tremors of pleasure racked my body. He pulled his fingers out slowly and continued to massage my swollen sweet spot while my body writhed in pleasure in the front seat of my truck. A couple of times I thought about looking out the window to see if anyone was watching — the thought that someone was peeking in on us just made me hotter and wetter. I didn’t ever even open my eyes. I rode that wave of ecstasy for almost 20 minutes before I started asking him to stop. “Please stop. It’s not fair… It’s not fair! I want you to cum, too! It’s not fair… Stop! Stop…” […]

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