one for the team: part 1

You once told me anything is possible but my smell in this place is unexpected.

It’s unexpected after such a tough game, to see your sweet-faced lover spread out on the crusty bench.  My hands are buried in his sweaty hair, pulling him deeper into my red-hot pussy.  When my head tilts back, our eyes meet and I smile – you know that smile – the one I have when I’m getting my way, when I’m exactly where I want to be.

And this all-star… he’s good on the ice but his tongue is even slicker there between my warm, strong legs.  “Mmmm yeah, that’s it.  Suck my cock-hungry slit,” I purr. He’s warming me up, taking time to stretch and suck each of my hot, wet pussy folds.  The whole team’s here, fresh out of the shower and as I scan those strong, wet bodies I cum right there in his mouth; he drinks me in deep, like water.

Only you know how desperate I am to be stuffed with hard cock in every fucking hole.  Only I know how long you’ve dreamed of this day.

On all fours, my hips sway and tease the circle of growing cocks surrounding me.  “Come on, boys,” I say as I swing my stiff, caramel nipples, “My baby needs the team to score tonight.”  I look each one in the eye and say, “Somebody fuck me.”  All eyes turn to you in amazement, dying to share in your good fortunes, begging your permission. You smile your dirty, sexy smile, settle on the bench, lean against the wall, and pull out your dancing dick.

And the game is on.  It’s the National Fuck League and you’re in the box seat, Baby.

I’m so juiced up, I’m dripping as they crowd around and he spreads me wide from behind.  I feel other hands on me, squeezing and rubbing as I roll over and spread my legs wide, running my hands down the inside of my thighs.

He climbs on the bench, grips my knees and pulls them farther apart.  I arch my back and bite my lip, “Show his hungry, little cockslut the time of her life.   Fuck me hard, big boy”.

He lunges his huge cock into me and I howl.  I grab a hand to pull another buddy closer.  “Give me that big cock to suck on, “ I command.  This throbbing piece of meat finds its way into my hungry mouth and we all hear him groan as I take his full length in.   More hands twist and tease my tits; my ass and I reach out to take two more dirty cocks in each hand.

My whole body’s hot and buzzing.  It’s a dirty fuck-fest and oh Baby, I am loving all this hot cock, the more meat I take in my mouth, my hands, my cunt… the wilder I get, the louder I moan and grind myself up into all that man meat.

I flip us over until I’m riding him, until my hips buck and pound against his huge rod, devouring this want between us. My body’s in a rhythm all it’s own now, as my head bobs and our bodies slap that stick.  Another set of hands… or maybe it’s a mouth… has been seducing my ass; I nearly choke on the pleasure of my gasps. I look you in the eye and beg, “Give me more Baby.  I need more cock, as much fucking meat as you can give me.  Please, oh please, give me what I need!”

This is training camp and even though I’m ready for whatever comes, I still cry out as another eases his fingers and then his thick cock into my tight, chocolate hole.  They pick up speed, my pussy is getting thrashed, my net takes it all and I’m driven into frenzy.  I turn my head and another cock pushes deep into my throat, up against my cheeks. Grinding my face, my cunt and my ass into these boys, our eyes meet as I cum for the second time.  I feel my goalkeeper’s hot, dripping mess on the small of my back.  And almost as quickly, I’m flipped over as more cum spills all over my tits.  I rub their dirty juices all over my slim, tight body and moan, looking for my next fuck.  I see him, eyes full on your glistening lover.  He can’t wait to get what’s coming…

My hands on the bench, he spreads wide my pussy lips, and sucks my clit from behind.  The slick dirt and his tongue nearly make me cum again right then.  I turn slightly and lean on one hand as he lifts my leg over his shoulder and plunges so deep into me I feel it in my tummy.  My head falls back and I’m completely at their mercy.  Another cock finds its way back into my mouth as his hands grab my hair and he plunges into my sweet, rosy-cheeked face.  There’s so much moaning and calling out but all you can hear is my overheated moaning. My current cunt-lover reaches around and rubs my clit while he pounds your slut-willing honey.  I scream this third time as I cum.  My nails dig into the bench, marking this night forever.

. . . to be continued

by Lola Moi

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