one for the team: part 2

They envy you, these buddies, these hockey boys.  You may be quick with the stick and a star on the ice but after tonight, Baby… they know there is truly only one Man and he’s mine.

I notice two teammates on the end of the bench; I reach over and stroke, lick, suck and tease their rock-hard sticks.  They reach down and fondle my tits, my pounding clit.  Soon, I feel the cock between my legs shudder and cum runs down my legs from the gushing fountain in his hands.  Free now to move, I crawl closer to my new friends on the bench and continue my blowjob while the other finger-fucks me from behind.  His hand doesn’t leave his cock when we both cum to my muffled screams.  The other bench warmer straddles my face then and I’m more than happy to oblige as he pumps my swollen, expert mouth.

On my back, head back with a full mouth, I feel more hands between my legs, as my ankles are lifted high into the air and another huge cock digs deep into my folds. My mouth continues working its magic until he shudders and hot cum drizzles down my cheek, my neck. I listen to him quietly moan as he smiles and looks over at you with newfound appreciation.

Now it’s just me with my ankles up in the air.  It’s the play your centre has been waiting for all night. I prop myself up on my elbows. He looks hard into my eyes, he pumps me furiously, and I grab my ankles and hold them to each side; he’s perfectly framed.  Just watching him while he fucks me almost makes me cum.  With each pounding, I grunt louder, moan deeper.  He feeds, stuffs, and pounds my pussy. My back can’t stop arching, I can’t stop these screaming moans as I release my ankles and squeeze, grab, and massage my bouncing tits.

You slip beside me on the bench, whisper hot lust into my ear.  I nearly go insane hearing you, smelling you, feeling you so close.  My fingers lace around your neck, as I cheer him on, “Fuck, oh yeah, fuuuuuuck me!  Give me more, more! Oh! Oh! Yeah, more! Fucking more… just shoot, shoot, shoooooot!!!!”

I let go of you and I reach for his hands and lie on the bench.  This hot buddy of yours laces his fingers through mine and slams my hands down on either side of my head, pounding my dripping pussy even harder.  I close my eyes and thrash and writhe beneath him.  When he finally cums, it’s so violent we nearly fall off the bench and we laugh in the aftershock of that power play.

I’m so not done, though. This one’s for the record books.

They look at you; not one teammate can believe how much cock I can take, how many times I can go… they almost envy you.  Because the more they stuff me, the harder they slam me, the more I want YOU.  I sit up and look at you, dirty and gleaming from these strangers’ passion.  We smile then.  I lick my lips, my bright, beautiful eyes begging for your hot, thick love.

Finally… finally, you give me what we both want.  You gently lie me back down, so my head hangs over the edge, and you dip your amazing piece of man-meat into my hot, ready mouth. I suck sweet and hard, I suck the big, swollen head of your beautiful, hard cock. The more I tease you, the more insistent you are, directing your  fucking thick, throbbing cock down into my warm, wet mouth. I just suck harder. I only take so much in my mouth, and then back off. I keep on teasing you like this until in one big, long, hard suck, I take all of you into my mouth, all the way down my throat.

Your hands slide along my smooth, lithe body and just before you cum, you lift me up. You kiss me so deep, so dear, tenderly. You kiss me because no matter what they do, we all know I’m yours.  We keep kissing as you carry me over to the showers, my legs wrapped around your hips.  Under the water, you lick and kiss me all over; you clean me and finally, finally fuck me, while I grip the showerhead.

I thrash and buck, completely wild from our hunger fuck. They all see how our bodies fit, how perfect we are together like this.  They see that I’m completely at the mercy of your strong, thick body… knowing hands, and famished cock.  They see that YOU are in fact The Great One.

And when we cum, I almost blackout from the force of your cum – again, amazed at how you fill me.  As we catch our breath, they ask me if I’ll take over as president for the hockey team’s fan club.  I blush, wrapping myself in your arms. You close the door behind you then, thanking them for a good game.

By Lola Moi 

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