please oh please…

Dear Gentle Sir,

Please be reassured of my desire to be fucked deep and sweet by you. Please note that you may spread me wide and bend me over to devour me like the passion buffet I am.  Please listen carefully when I tell you that your brain utterly delights me, that your mouth is divine, that your fingers are perfect, and that your cock takes every bit of my breath away.

Please memorize my folds, my mounds, and each moan so that we might repeat and layer our secret and sacred desires with unbound satisfaction. Please test my cunt with any body part you choose; know this hungry warmth is impossibly wet for you. Please let me pleasure you and don’t let me stop.

And when it is time for slow, tender lovemaking, please let me hold your face, let me look into your sweet eyes as I arch with each hard cum.

Please, oh, please,

Lola Moi xo

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