stay in the yes…

No matter how many different images or videos I see, every single one makes me think of you. Even knowing your tastes and preferences, and even as I grow in my knowledge of you, everything I see makes me wonder; I wonder about you… and us.


I wonder if you’d like that or this. I wonder if you’d do that to me or let me do this.  I wonder what makes you say “no” and what would make you say “yes.” I wonder at your sounds and the sounds you might elicit from me.


I wonder because I want to please you. I want to make you moan. I want you to ache for me when I’m not with you. I want to satiate and appease all the hungers that rise within you and I want you to embrace mine. I want us to be well-met; it’s this sharing and giving and discovering mutual pleasure that makes me say “yes” to you over and over and over again.


So, stay. See me here. Smell my heat. Hear my heart, my mind. Feel me in all the ways a man feels a woman. Hold my secrets. And say, “Yes.”


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