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cum to me…

cum to me

there isn’t a word for everything…


A person just gets sexier and sexier
when you’re attracted to their soul.

– Karen Salmansohm –

but in a romantic way…

but in a romantic way

You can smell me before you taste me.
Feel my silky, warm body slide up along yours
until my legs spread over your sweet face.
My pussy hovers over your mouth —
both watering for the other.

cloud nine…

cloud nine

I don’t care where we are or who’s around,
this is what I want to do every time I see you.


I love to watch you touch yourself,
on rainy afternoons.
The wandering hands.
The soft little moans.
Hips twitching.
Wet fingers fucking.
A solo show,
performed for one.

— Michael Faudet —

let me see you glow…

let me see you glow
Watching you…
I don’t want to miss a single moment.

under this glorious moon…

We could be taking in such sweet delight.
We could be enjoying the best sex of our lives.
We could be hard and wet from such an invite.
We could be smiling as the other writhes.

Come to bed.
While the moon whispers what is most true.
Come to bed.
While you see this look I have from wanting you.
Come to bed.
This pleasure we share needs tending to.



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