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in spite of…

after the curtain falls
and secrets begin
you look for the one you love
giving all you have
from what little you have left

dance with her, my love
dance with her and sing

and the curtain falls
after sighs begin
you hold the one you love
washing the night away
with wishes upon a star

dance with me, my love
dance with me and sing

when the curtain falls
and silence begins
even oceans have shorelines
and sandcastles are forever after
in this, a final bow

dance, my love
dance, my love and sing

– Lola Moi –

post nubila, sol…

elysian limbs
splay across cotton weave
seed-soiled sheets till
love-ruined fields
with each sun setting

dusky slow
a new beginning
percolates beyond the frame
coaxing shadow out from under
dawn’s beaten brow

tangled looks between
dream-pale eyes
scour reservoirs
of dim remembering
looking for a sign
waiting for something
heaving forth the squee

darling, turn away

this touch
and thus touching
leads back
to then
before Lot looked back

crows fly west
only to murder what is left of light

– Lola Moi –

the art of kissing…

Every lover is a glutton. He wants everything that is part of his sweetheart, everything. He doesn’t want to miss a single iota of her “million-pleasured joys” as Keats once wrote of them. That is why, when kissing, there should be as many contacts, bodily contacts, as is possible.

Snuggle up closely together. Feel the warm touch of each other’s bodies. Be so close that the rise and fall of each other’s bosoms is felt by one another.

Get next to each other.

And, this same thing applies to the mouth in kissing. Don’t be afraid to kiss with more than your lips. After your lips have been glued together for some time, open them slightly. Then put the tip of your tongue out so that you can feel the smooth surface of your kissee’s teeth.

This will be a signal for her to respond in kind. If she is wholly in accord with you, if she is, truly, your real love-mate, then you will notice that she, too, has opened her lips slightly and that, soon, her teeth will be parted. Then, if she is all that she should be, she should project the tip of her tongue so that it meets with the tip of yours.

Heaven will be in that union!

Lava will run through your veins instead of blood. Your breath will come in short gasps. There will rise up in you an overpowering, overwhelming surge of emotion such as you have never before experienced. If you are a man, you will clutch the shoulders of your loved one and sense a shudder course through you that makes you pant. If you are a woman, and being kissed, you will feel a strange languor passing through your limbs, your entire body.

A shudder will go through you. You will moan in the delicious transports of love. And, in all probabilities, you will go faint because the blood in your veins will be rushing furiously into your entire system and away from your head.

Thus, you will be unable to think any longer. You will only be able to feel, to feel the most exquisite of pleasures that it has been your lot to feel.

– Hugh Morris –

please oh please…

Dear Gentle Sir,

Please be reassured of my desire to be fucked deep and sweet by you. Please note that you may spread me wide and bend me over to devour me like the passion buffet I am.  Please listen carefully when I tell you that your brain utterly delights me, that your mouth is divine, that your fingers are perfect, and that your cock takes every bit of my breath away.

Please memorize my folds, my mounds, and each moan so that we might repeat and layer our secret and sacred desires with unbound satisfaction. Please test my cunt with any body part you choose; know this hungry warmth is impossibly wet for you. Please let me pleasure you and don’t let me stop.

And when it is time for slow, tender lovemaking, please let me hold your face, let me look into your sweet eyes as I arch with each hard cum.

Please, oh, please,

Lola Moi xo

your purpose…

The purpose of human life is, no matter who is controlling it,
is to love whoever is around to be loved.

– Kurt Vonnegut –

riding the wind…

The ideal is…
a state, not of withdrawal,
but of heightened perceptiveness and responsiveness…
My mind concentrated and my body relaxed, bones and flesh fused completely,
I drifted with the wind East or West, like a leaf from a tree or a dry husk,
and never knew whether it was the wind that rode me or I that rode the wind.

– The Book of Lieh-Tzu –

an important conversation…

The conversation between your fingers and someone else’s skin.
This is the most important discussion you can ever have.

– Iain Thomas –

a conversation


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