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i love stuffing…



My thanksgiving is perpetual.

— Henry David Thoreau —

tip of the iceberg…

To live in this world you must be able to do three things
To love what you love
To hold it against your bones
As if your life depends on it
And when it is time to let it go
To let it go.

Mary Oliver


I love feeling your throbbing little pussy gripping my cock so fucking tight while your body twitches and spasms as I bring you to your breaking point.. Holding you there! Keeping you there! As a prisoner in your own euphoria… Behave and reap the...
Pin me to my pleasure.
Keep me here, on the brink.
Each tremble, every quiver and spasm is your making.
I love this.
Don’t let me go; don’t stop.
I need you to please me like this again.
Watch me, trapped beneath you,
Lost in my body’s hot, swollen, wet euphoria.

ride the wind…

ride the wind


The wheat feels the shucking of its chaff as puffs of pleasure shoot and sprinkle into wild air. Rub. A sigh slides by.

We ride with abandon, parting paths with whetted tips and slickened lips. We ride.

Harvest the secrets of my heart, wrap them inside words that feel like song. See me as I am: wanton with wanting you.




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