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look me in my big, brown eyes…

…and tell me again.

with your tongue…

There is a little knot I need untied.

a short history of the apple…

Teeth at the skin. Anticipation.
Then flesh. Grain on the tongue.
Eve’s knees ground in the dirt
of paradise.
a short history of the apple
— Dorianne Laux —

close your eyes…

And make a wish.

something is what we are…

something is what we are
The blindest man is the one who does not want to see.

Carlos Alberto Bernal Castro —

the jealous man lives in hell…

the jealous man lives in hell


I let you see my deep pleasure.
The blush rises in both our cheeks.
Our jaws clench with each
heaving breast of plunging heat
and sweet release.



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