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happy hour…

Your face between my legs
Like nothing I’ve ever felt
Your face
Your mouth
Your hands

 You. Brilliant you.

brilliant you

always something there to remind me…

You beg for your dinner; your mouth sucks the marrow of each moan from me.  My hands reach for the promise burgeoning between your thighs. You pulse with ache, marking each and every grind until you are so thick my fingers simply cannot meet around the heat of your shaft.  What surprises me is your length… and girth. And at full salute, you are profound. You are glorious. You blush when I say so and my pussy gushes with pleasure. Pushing past the grip of my hungry lips, I am breathless with how you fill me… and all I can think is “again.”

always something there to remind me

all’s well that ends well…

alls' well that ends well
… and then we begin again.


his eyes…



To know I was beautiful in his eyes made me beautiful.

– Janet Fitch –





… And remember when I moved in you

The holy dove was moving too

And every breath we drew was Hallelujah



– Leonard Cohen –

i bite my lip…

Your jaw aches when I touch myself.  I pleasure myself until you moan… until you look me in the eye and groan your need. You bite your lip to stop yourself from begging… for a taste.  Again and again I rub, squeeze, trace, pinch, dip and slide. You spread my legs, prop them up against your thick chest and broad shoulders; your licks and kisses trace along my leg, you suck my toes.

My gasps are echoes to my back arching, my hips swaying and lifting with each husky gasp and sweet sigh you make. My fingers dance and dip along my lips as they puff and fill with heat. You smell my wet, you hear it and you whimper. Your hand beats in time to mine, your cock now dancing to our shared rhythm.
Fuck, I want you. I am starving for you.
I want to taste you so badly, my jaw aches.
I bite my lip to stop myself from begging… for you to taste me.

– Lola Moi –

i bite my lip

O for a muse…

O for a muse

love in need…

love in need


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