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deeper, farther, under…

I am on my back
—waiting to be spread wide apart—
waiting for you to die with the sense of you
—the pleasure of you—
the sensuousness of you touching the sensuousness of me
—all my body—
all of me is waiting for you to touch
the center of me with the center of you.

—Georgia O’Keefe—

there are days…

when nothing special happens…













Dear Gentle Sir,

When I say your name, my heart rumbles
much like a lion roars when it knows it’s right.
If only we could know the future, we might roar more.


if freckles were lovely, and day was night
and measles were nice and a lie warn’t a lie
life would be delight
but things couldn’t go right
for in such a sad plight
i wouldn’t be i

if earth was heaven and now was hence
and past was present and false was true
there might be some sense
but I’d be in suspense
for on such a pretense
you wouldn’t be you.

if fear was plucky, and globes were square
and dirt was cleanly and tears were glee
things would seem fair
yet they’d all despair
for if here was there
we wouldn’t be we.

— e.e cummings —



don’t watch the clock…

I’ve waited all day for this…

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but in a romantic way…

but in a romantic way

You can smell me before you taste me.
Feel my silky, warm body slide up along yours
until my legs spread over your sweet face.
My pussy hovers over your mouth —
both watering for the other.

like only you can…

While I ride your face, feel your cock harden… surprise me. Flip me around and fill my open mouth with your full and throbbing hard. Fuck my face as you eat me, deeply. Let me choke on how much  you need my warm throat.

In return, my clit will grind against your tongue and teeth. Hear me moan. Feel my every quake, and gyrate. Carry me beyond. Watch my exceptional cunt flush and squirt. Feel my hot mess spill all over you but don’t cum yet; I’m far from done. In fact, lover… we’ve just begun.



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