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there are days…

when nothing special happens…












carry the sky on your back…

I had to change my panties today when I arrived home; I’d been thinking about you. Trying not to think about you made it worse and the warm, secret-gush of my pussy juice had soaked through. Even now, after changing into fresh lace, I can smell the lingering aroma that’s dried on my fingertips along with a knuckle.

And I think about your mouth, your whiskers pressed deeply against the silky folds of my cunt. Your nose pressed against my trimmed mound. I inhale deeply and as I walk to the sink, I think about you: when you latch on and suck
and suck
and suck…
until light.

how many years can a mountain exist…

how many years can a mountain exist



… an’ how many years
can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free?

— Bob Dylan —

in excelsis deo…

in excelsis deoL



LYour mouth on me is our secret glory.
Your mouth on me is a glorious moan.
Your mouth on me is exactly what I asked for.

Oh, how I long to sing your praises again.
Listen, you can hear me…


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