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immaculate consistency…

Dear Gentle Sir,

At the crosswalk, the stranger eyes me from the other side of the street. He imagines what might be my favourite position even as he places me in his favourite position. He wonders what I might taste like. And if my full lips could make him cum.

He imagines his view standing over me, bent over, ass up, taking it from behind with the kind of wild pleasure he imagines he could give me.

He imagines my expression as I finger myself for him. He watches me intently. Trying to guess what my nipples look like. He notes my long, lean legs and imagines spreading them, watching my pretty pussy squirt all over his tidy work pants.

I allow this. I look him in the eye. He meets my gaze and for a very long moment, he believes that I want him just like he wants me. The light changes. We step into the street and we take deliberate steps towards one other.

I look at this body and appreciate its breadth and width. Without a doubt, his cock would fill me many times over. I note his strong hands and thick neck and the way his jaw clenches as we draw ever closer.

I see the hunger in his eyes—I know that look. He is expectant as our paths meet in the middle of intersection.

He slows a fraction, straightening his spine, making room in his pants for the throbbing shaft that is heating up for me. In that moment, I know I can say anything and it—he— will be mine.

And all that comes to mind is your name.

Only Yours my Love,

Lola xo

hip deep in the velvety squish…

Dear Gentle Sir,

None of my words here are original or new.
Nothing I say here is a surprise.
Everything I write here is simple:
notes on the scale of wanting you
and your moans as you read me, are my song.

Not-So-Secretly Yours,

Lola xo

present tense…

Dear Gentle Sir,

Yes, I arched my body towards you; I was compelled. Utterly. Your soft, intense gaze sucked me in, much like your mouth did, and both inspired the most delicious moans. Even now, you turn me on like no other and I still want to be with you, especially like that: open, hungry, seen… gloriously wet.

I want you to remember how you make me feel. For those times when you are alone with thots of me, I want you to grip the shaft of your beautiful cock that once housed itself in my mouth (and between the soft petaled edges of my warm pussy). I want you to see my looking deep into the You of you and feel the muse once more. As you pump on your knees, I want our fuck-cries to haunt your cum.

I want your remembering to be a knowing – a certainty of what Pleasure we are together. No doubts, no second-guessing, no faint-hope clause every time you see my name or embrace me. Because again, I am wet. Here and now. For all of you.

As I Must,

Lola xo


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