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do you hear what i hear…

… A song, a song,
high above the trees.

a flame that devours…

The cry of my body for completeness.
That is a cry to you.

— Mary Carolyn Davies —

if you build it…

if you build it
I will cum…

trip wire…

trip wire

things i never forget…

The way your eyes pierce and your jaw sets when you see my naked. A deep thrust followed by your deep kiss. The moan you make as you lean back to watch. Your slow slide inside.things i never forget The smile you make as you blush.
The way you kiss me and kiss me and kiss me as your hands please me. Your body, hot and slick, eagerly pressing into me and mine. Watching my bold, taut nipple disappear into your mouth. The perfection of our reflection in the mirror. Your urgency to feel more – torn between watching and tasting more of me. The pitch of your cum-moan as it drifts off into the night.


When you say, “Once more.” and “Again?”

close your eyes…

And make a wish.


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