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an unquiet one…

an unquiet one

Being adored… and feeling it.

Being wanted… and seeing it.

(It is possible… here in this moment, now.)

Being desired… and knowing it.


This is the pleasure beyond lust.
This is the hope beyond what has passed.
This is the glow in my eyes when I look at you.

Yes, at you.

given the chance…

a wave cannot explain
The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.

– Vladimir Nabokov –

between the crease of waiting…

What is it to see the offering
of an ass
pussy lips glistening from between the crease of silken thighs
lifted and waiting
spread and
for you?

another offering

sofa so good…

sofa so good

no sweet somethings…

Dear Gentle Sir,

No sweet somethings.
I am so hungry.
I want to fuck.
I need to hear you cum… as my own cum splashes around your ears, maybe down your thighs.

You are kneeling in front of me, your arm reaching up between my silky thighs, your fingers spreading over the dip in my spine, across my dimples there.

Your warm, thick.
Pulls me toward you as you inhale, and you drink me in… the smells of my heat waft over you as you trace me with the softest part of your lips.

My pussy ebbs & flows with the want I have for you.

I’ve been waiting to tell you this for so long (too long) and more. Because you don’t assume even though you should. Because if you could, you’d smell my ceaseless appetite; you’d be there to watch my lips, my pussy, my sweet cunt swell and swoon in it’s endless ache.

(it’s your fuckable, delicious bod
attached to that insatiably sexy brain
connected to your delectable mouth and hands and! and! and!
rooted to an amazing cock.)

My gentle sir, do you hear me?
Lover, this is me.
Here. Now.
All you have to do is fuck me.

Insatiably Yours,

Lola Moi xo


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