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handle with care…

handle with careOh my fuck, I can’t stand it.
I can’t stand
not touching you.
I can’t stand not feeling your eyes on me.
I need to touch you
and be touched by you.
I need to hear you moan as you watch my pleasure.
I need to taste you with my everything.


So, when I grab your hand and lead you into the bedroom, it’s not on sudden impulse; my tug is a longstanding ache of horny that has been needing you in unspeakably hot and naughty ways.

minor walking miracles…

Dear Gentle Sir,

My clothes got wet tonite thanks to an accidental post-work shower overflow. I managed to get my pants mostly dried. I chose to walk home under a throbbing moon without any panties on. With every step, I thot of you.


Lola xo


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