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we come to flesh…

We come to flesh
You and I
In this, the Gathering of Desire
Under cover of prussian blue.
The velvet sky
Bemoans all that we have gone without
But now find in the other.

We come to flesh
You and I
As these, my supplicant folds do crease
Lubricious with ache and moan.
The fawning moonlight
Sips our secrets until drunk without end
Again and again we die upon the other.

– Lola Moi –

by Simon Bolz



i will…

Dear Gentle Sir,

I will fuck you. I will put my mouth on you. You will hear my sexy voice in your ear, a whisper of hard going straight to your gorgeous cock. I will undress for you, look you in the eyes and smile. And when I lie with you, my back will arch so you can feel my soft tits wrapped in hot mouth, under and around your lapping tongue.  As my nipples harden, my fingers will trace your sweet face, run through your hair, along your nape, over your broad shoulders and down your spine as far as I can reach.

And as I travel down, over the ridges and curves of your beautiful (so fucking beautiful) man-body, my fingers will imprint my desire – they will memorize your pleasure.

I will go down on you. I will be your sweet little cocksucker.  I will spread my silky thighs for you to kiss and we will suckle and slurp, nibble, tug and drink.  I will moan. I will sigh your name. I will clench my hands around you and groan for more.  I will taste divine. I will soak whatever you put in me. I will drip on whatever you put under me.

My tongue will trace you.
My body will embrace you.
I will take your breath away.

I will make you forget… the things you want to remember – the doubt and worry and fear. I will say “yes” until you forget even that matters and we will just BE the yes to one another. I will rub my swollen clit against your raging cock as it tap, tap, taps at my many doors. I will soak your delicious dick as you slip inside. I will press my hot skin against  yours.

I will hold you. I will hold you with my eyes, my arms, my thighs, my cries for more. I will pant. I will glow with the shine of our exertions, I will taste your salty skin and I will squirm. I will need you… and you will feel my heat.

I will call your name and it will be our anthem.

I will make love to you in a thousand ways, with all my parts, slow and gentle… pounding and grinding. I will feel your ass clench each time you move deeper, so deep inside me. I will be inspired each time I hear pleasure slip out of you. And my passion will pull you beyond, draw out who you thought you were until you accept who you are.

I will make you feel.
And you will have permission.

I will feel your hands pulling at me, grabbing, holding, tugging, gripping me with fervour.  I will match each buck and moan with my own. I will wrap my long limbs around you as you lift me, as you spin me, pin me.  I will ride you to the moon and back. Your weight will be my elixir. Our Dirty will be the Good. And my juices will flow down us in a tide – we will be an ocean of acceptance.

I will kiss your perfect face, your gorgeous chest. I will close my eyes from the pressure building inside me. My brow will furrow as your jaw drops and clenches, as your cock whips me into a fuck-frenzy. I will dance. I will dance for you on this pole I love, on this gift you give me over and over again.  I will pulse. I will gasp. I won’t be able to stop.

All over you, I will cum.

I will cum with your name on my lips.
I will cum for you as you watch me.
I will cum and reach for you with my every cell but my voice will reach you first.

I will smell our sex on my skin, on yours.
I will smile and mew at your flushed beauty.
I will trace and hold you anew.

I will whisper to you all your glories and you will believe me: I will speak true. I will give this to you… and more.

Ever  Sweetly Yours,

Lola Moi xo

tell me everything…

Speak to me only
in the liquor of your skin,
unbottled over mine.
Empty your mouth into mine.

Tell me.
Tell me everything.

– Peregrine –

tell me everything

hear that…?

hear that

It’s your heart beating faster…

the dream tree…

tapping the dream tree

hunger games…

hunger games

do not disturb…

 A Traveling Tale in Three Parts…

“Need help with those?” you ask, nodding at her bags. She is tall with thick, dark hair, in town for the conference, like you.  Your arms ripple with the effort and she admires your wide shoulders leading down your solid back to your strong hips and athletic ass.

And she… well, she is damn near perfect.

Waiting for her to open the door, you are so close you can feel her breath on you.  She’s sure you can smell her juice already slick on her smooth thighs.

She asks why you are alone. You tell her about me. You are surprised when she looks up at you with hungry eyes.

You look again – full on this time – as you allow yourself to feel the weight of her beautiful, almost black eyes. She sees in you what you’ve only let me see and she is stunned by her own reciprocating desire.

You tell her I travel too, sometimes for weeks or months at a time, leaving you behind.

“Well, she’s a fool.”
You don’t correct her.

The keycard has barely finished swiping when she reaches out and your arm burns hot from her gentle touch.  “Let me be yours, just for tonight,” she says.  “I promise I’ll make you forget…”

Her swollen pussy is wet-hot desire as you stumble into the hotel room and she squeezes the throbbing bulge between your legs.  Leaving her stilettos on, you fall on the bed, and your hands push her legs apart.

Her breath catches and she moans deeply as you suck her soaked, lace panties. Her back arches right off the bed and as you rip her blouse off, her tits spill out into your hands; they are a cup size bigger than you are used to, perfectly round at the bottom with this amazing scoop of a ski jump on top.  Her toffee nipples are so high – jutting, reaching… reaching for your mouth.

She grabs your ears and hair as she feels your hot tongue wrap around her tits, her nipples jumping to attention in your eager mouth.

And oh, fuck… you are a magician tonite.

You strip her down to silky, squirming flesh and move to her clit, tweaking it with your tongue, licking her from the bottom to the top of her smutty box. Your tongue is gentle and luxurious at first but when she pushes her hips toward you, you lick deeper and the surer your tongue is, the more her sweet juices flow.  You lap her up like lemonade on a hot day. When her hands are free, she caresses her small, shapely body, anticipating a delicious romp with you, her giving colleague.

She tastes so good; you’ve never seen a pussy gush with so much passion.  You want to tell her but she is thrashing around on the bed, panting so loudly she wouldn’t hear you.

Her cries compel you… command you to suck harder.

You close your eyes and moan: you want every last drop. You put three fingers in and scoop her hot juice into your mouth.

It’s fucking amazing: she’s giving you the biggest hard-on you’ve ever had.

She flips around then, rips your remaining clothes off and goes down on you, taking you in one gulp at a time.

Oh, she is a giving fuck, a selfless lover whose fingers and tongue make you dance until you almost cum right there in her mouth. She straddles you, slicking up your chest on her way down to rest your steel-hard dick against her vibrating clit.

. . . to be continued.

do not disturb, part 3…

A Traveling Tale Concludes…

She is incredible heat, inside and out. Your panting groans shoot electrical pulses through her thick, swollen box as your fingers pound her.  His hands disappear into her hair as he thrusts and this cock-starved treat takes him, deep throat all the way.

Her eyes are watering inside this body completely possessed by cock and passion. Your cock throttles her ripe fuck-box while your thumb pounds and stretches her puckered hole.  Her cries are muffled. She’s overcome; she’s not sure if she wants to scream or beg but it’s wanton pleasure driving her… you…. him.

You all pick up the tempo. She can feel her juices mixing with your sweat and it’s so fucking hot how dirty you all are together.

As her generous mouth receives the thrashing of its life, she tilts her ass up even more and you whip her into a frenzy.  Your hands on her thick hips, you ram your inspired cock so deep into her, she almost passes out from deep delight.

Oh, fuck me.

She is as hot as a firecracker and her ass is singing – stretched wider than a choir boy.

None of you care if the entire hotel is listening or watching, for that matter. She just wants more and more. She wants sex like she’s never had it before, like you never knew anyone could want it.  All you can think about is giving it to her.

Your lust-rods punish her as she writhes and begs for more.

She scratches and bites and it feels so bloody good… 

(What I would give to be with you, hearing her moan like this; watching her beg for this furious offering of strangers’ cocks.)

She is going to cum all over you. You both groan over her wild cries and moans. You feel her walls grab tight from inside. Her tits and hips convulse.  Her ravenous cunt milks every last bit of your hot jizz before she collapses into the smell of your sex.

The feeling of your dirt is so intense; you’re all trembling.

You shower together. As she is cleaned in every nook and cranny, she smiles, sandwiched between these tall, strong, man-hard bodies.

You hear the door click again and you realize this is just the beginning of a very delicious evening.

With renewed lust in her eyes, your insatiable and leggy lover brushes her lips against your ear,

“Forget about her – I won’t ever say no to you,” she whispers. “I want you all to myself.  What can I do to make you mine?”

But you tell her that you are already claimed; that you are only mine.  You tell her that every time your cock throbs, every time it jerks and pounds, and every time you cum, you cum for me.

“Well, she’s one lucky fool.”
You don’t correct her.

– by Lola Moi – 


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