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When you don’t ask but I do it, anyway.

just say it…

… your full, kissable mouth.
show me.
… your clever tongue.
squirm for me.
… your sweet, thick clit.
harder, deeper.
… your inner thighs of silk.
ravish me.
… your beautiful, beautiful cunt.
let me watch.
… your hungry eyes.
spread wider.
… your eager ass.
devour me.
… your gorgeous long hair
soak me.
… your pretty pussy.
fuck me into frenzy.

fuck, yes.
… yes.
cum with me
… yes.

… oh, moan.

as you wish…

as you wishYou tie me up, tenderly but firmly; first my wrists then my ankles. We do not speak. The lights are dim, my curves and your contours dance with candlelit shadows. I watch you and you are beautiful: the muscles in your torso and arms bunch and lengthen as you prepare me. I am calm. I trust you. We want to be here together. Alone.

You are gentle yet insistent.
My hips buck the air, seeking out your hunger.
You exhaust your tongue and jaw muscles from eating me out.
My nails want to scratch your back each time I cry out.
You use up the batteries in my vibrator.
My pussy juices up your hands, your forearms, your chest, your face, and glorious cock.
You dip your fingers in as deep as they can go and ask me if I want more.
My head thrashes, my limbs strain to spread wider for you.
You give yourself permission.
My pussy throbs for days from the pounding you give me.
You please me simply because you love pleasing me.
My arms finally free, you lie breathless in my arms.

You tell me there’s no other place you’d rather be
and in that moment
I believe you.

her curves are your dreams cum true


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