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there are days…

when nothing special happens…













 My love, hear me, know this to be true:

My skin is the poetry of your touch
Our story is sung with every moan that spills from my lips
And when you come deep inside me
my name becomes a rite of passage on your soul

beauty marks…

fishing is much more than fish…

fishing is much more than fish

ever want to know what would happen
if your life could be fertilized
by a love thought
from a loved one
who loves you

          — Nikki Giovanni —

it’s in the translation…

it's in the translation
My love, he asks for grace each time he reaches for me.
His words dance ’round the permission he craves.
His secrets are songs the land sings to the moon.


I want to taste you again, like a secret or a sin.

– Matthew Perryman Jones –

like a secret or a sin


construction zone…

… until everything’s in its place.
everything in its place

endings and beginnings…

I’m baaaaaack…

never shall her pinkie go down

 When he speaks into my hair, it is barely a whisper.
“… it’s never too late.
And there’s always a way to begin again.”

Autumn Doughton


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