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no magic formula…

Put your hands on my knees,
she said,
and think of me as a book you’ve been dying to read.

—Michael Faudet—

the raw of quiet moments…


Every inch of me is the softest promise…

poetry in motion…







We spoke all night
in tongues,
in fingertips,
in teeth.

  — Robert Haas —





I can literally feel this.
Cum to me now.



last night i sang…

I’m fighting myself. I know I am.
One minute I want to remember.
The next minute I want to live in the land of forgetting.
One minute I want to feel.
The next minute I never want to feel again.

— Benjamin-Alire-Sáenz —

When the water starts boiling…

when the water starts boiling
… it is foolish to turn off the heat.

— Nelson Mandela —

let my cry cum…

She stared.
Such beauty; and she there to see it.
Such beauty; and she alive to feel it.

— E.Von Arnim —

let my cry cum


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