She is your hungry, begging playmate, Baby.  She wants nothing more than to be spread wide and used hard by your binge-fucking meat stick.

Yes, yes, fucking yes.

On her knees, this one opens her hungry mouth as you taunt her with all that horndog perfection.  Her saliva drizzles along your fuck-shaft, her eyes never leaving yours as her tongue takes the bait.

You pump her mouth, casually.  Smoke trickles from between your lips, washing over her face until she’s just the thing that matters most – another mouth and a pair of hands.  A brief frown as she watches you draw it back in a flash.

“Nice and slow,” she tells you.

A flicker of a smile. “You like that? The smoke?”

This one mews her pleasure like an animal, her round ass swinging, begging wet for you.  Your strong man-hands mash her juicy mounds, twisting until her small peaked nipples burn.  One hand between her legs, pumps.   The cigarette dangles at the corner of your mouth.

“Suck it,” you whisper, spewing smoke.

She peers up at you, a faceless tongue like so many before her.  You’ve invited her here to take the edge off, but also to test her, to determine if she… if they understand and are willing to comply, before you take them upstairs or home or in your car… before you fuck them hard and true.

She bobs and jacks, nursing you between soft, red lips and a feral tongue. Suddenly, your hips buck and your cum-face flushes the shade of her lipstick. She sucks every last drop from your heaving dick, swallowing as much as she can.

Motherfucker, yes.

She takes the cigarette and inhales deeply. You finally kiss her, accepting her smoke as it passes between you. Your hands slide down the back of her dress and cup her perky ass.

“You up for this, slut?”

She drops the butt to the floor and grounds it out with the toe of her stiletto.

“Guess you’ll have to wait and see.”

– By Lola Moi – 

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