the blessing…

I can only bite my tongue when you get on your knees  Pinch my nipples to match the thrill of your coarse face grinding into my smoother-than-silk clit   Pull your hair with each lap your tongue makes  I can only bite the blessingyour shoulder with each breath you heave then moan then moan then moan Lose yourself knuckle deep in me   Dip yourself ball-heavy against me  Hold my hips as I squirm your initials in the air  Lick my pussy juice as it trails your throbbing shaft  Your cock my fuck pole of delight that never ends  Just don’t stop yet  Panting each moan buck quiver whimper cry for this and that and yes and yes and oh fuck yes   This moment of meeting and parting again and again inside and out upside and down  I can only bite my tongue from begging you to stay to stay to stay one moan longer.

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