yes, you…

Dear Gentle Sir,

Just sitting here, still wet from the rain (so wet), I feel you in me; I feel me fucking your cock with my dirty mouth – you are so thick, so delicious. I lick my lips and savour the taste of fucking. I feel the thrum of my own heat as I spread for your sweet meat – both my mouth and my long legs spread wide.

I know you have heard this time and time again but you are so… mmm… your flavours all so unbelievably tasty. Can you feel my desire wrapping ’round your throbbing shaft, drifting all the way down to your round, full man-balls? You fill me to my brim, it’s so good; I can’t wait to feel your cum drip down, soaking me from the inside out. Especially when you lose your hands in my hair and tell me to look at you: I look at you with my big brown eyes, your cock spreads my lush lips, and fuels my hunger. (And, oh fuck, I am so hungry!) My cock-sucking, cock-loving bod slurps you in and out like the sweet treat you are.

My tongue bathes the thick blue vein that leads down to your soft, sensitive sac and then all the way up and ’round your perfect cock.  And you are lovely in taste, touch and smell. Over and over I verb the noun right out of you as you let me gently slip my tongue farther, farther and even farther back as I trace along the furry trail between your ass cheeks – your ass that makes me smile with anticipation.

Gently, firmly – slowly – you invite me in. Dripping with lube and lust, you finally accept how dirty you want to be, and I give you a taste of how dirty I can be. I dip and with my finger stretched deep inside, you discover how truly incredible it can be to cum… and I am there smiling all the way to your salacious end.

You. You are sweet and sexy and smart and wholly flawed and I adore you enough to say so. I can’t resist you. I can’t help but want you.

Yes, you.

Lola Moi xo

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