yours is a good name to moan…

I see you before you see me.  The room is loud, crowded and you are busy – intently listening as you are wont to do.  I mingle.  Let someone buy me a drink.  The fabric of my dress rubs lightly against my nipples as I move around the room.  They harden just a little when I hear your boisterous laugh. I sit at the bar.

And wait.

I look up and there you are.  You are tall and broad and your smile is genuine. You take my hand and pull me closer to you.  You hold me warmly and whisper a soft moan of greeting in my ear.  You smell good. I tell you as much. You are surprised but pleased.  Your broad hand presses on the small of my back. We part and smile into one another’s eyes. My heart skips. Multiple times.

I say your name.
Your name tastes like honey on my tongue.

The moon is full. Our arms link. I am content. I am happy.  Listening to you talk, hearing you think is thrilling. I feel things I’d forgotten.  I find myself somehow. I am wholly me when I am with you. You are fully illuminated despite the darkness. My breath catches to see you. You look at me. My smitten heart skips. Again.

We press into one another. Our arms confident. Our bodies ripe.  My skin is impossibly silken under your fingertips. Your nose brushes me. You inhale my scent. Like a pomegranate, I am bursting with decadent aroma. You savour me with your tongue.  With your hands you begin to memorize me. With your eyes you make me shiver.

You lean in to kiss me.
Our lips barely touch.

(This is the first time.
This telling of secrets.
These special thoughts
No one else knows.)

We are gentle with one another. I let you. You slowly slip me out of my dress. My panties. My everything until I am like new. Your eyes are bright. You search my face. You look at me with the fever of desire. Our breath speaks what we cannot. You tremble. I hold your face. We look so deep in this pause.  We silence the doubt. We breathe in a new confirmation. We say yes.

I kiss you everywhere.
I kiss what is revealed to me under the silver moonlight.
Two spirits in our flesh.
We are alone. We are together.
We are overcome.

When you finally fill me, it is ecstasy. My body in its entirety writhes for you. My mind is wholly consumed by you.  My heart races. My hands reach for you. My hands grip the tree.  I grab the earth.  My breath tracks each push, each grunt, each buck and arch. I moan into the night breeze.  You moan into me.

I say your name.
Your name melts like butter between my thighs.

Your thick heat reaches every inch of me.  Our passion turns me inside out, over and over again. Your tenderness feeds me. Your fervour reveals me until even the familiar is a surprise.

I want your hands to grip me like this.  I want you to spread me from behind with your mouth. I want you to suckle me wet just as you are. I want moonbeams to bounce along my spine and down my ass into your mouth. I want my pussy juice to carry these same beams of blinding lust until your balls are soaked with my love.

You pick me up.  I wrap myself around you.  You tongue my neck, my shoulder, my breasts and ears. We buck into the centre of Us.  I am soft.  You are hard. We are slick. Your hips grind. Your hands grip my ass cheeks. You pull me into you. You plunge my depths.

My moan is heavy in your ear.  My hands grab for you.  I beg you to keep going. I hold you tight against me.  You know this urgency.  You have it too.  You are inside me. You are deep under my skin. And I am in you.

I say your name.
Your name makes me cum.

I squirt. You pulse. Our backs arch. Connected at the centre, our hands joined.  The wind cools on our sweaty tummies. My breasts glisten. Your chest gleams. We push into one another. One last time.  My legs clench.  Your jaw does too.

I curl into your arms. My back against your chest. We breathe in the night air. We sigh contentment. You brush my hair to the side. I tilt  my head to feel you there.

You say my name.
You say my name.
You say my name.


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