unmarked trails (invitation)…

It is a serious thing

just to be alive

on this fresh morning

in this broken world.

— Mary Oliver —

with your tongue…

There is a little knot I need untied.

the final frontier…

I drank her silence
like liquor
and it destroyed
me the same,
but I fell for all of her,
hopelessly and endlessly.
My soul will always be liftedthe-final-frontier
when she walks into the room
and my blood will always dance
when her breath
passes through me.

— Christopher Poindexter —

sappho’s last song…

[…] My burning
Flesh is yours; with a thousand coils let it be
Bound by you, let it rest in you, down at last
Let it sink, calmed and conquered
By your mighty kiss.

— Vittoria Aganoor Pompili —

alone with other people…


Is anyone moved / by the plainness of raw skin anymore?

— Gabby Bess —


cummy yummy…

Suck and glide up along my slit, still sucking. Never stop sucking. When I grind my mound into your face, that’s me begging for more. That’s me needing you inside me. That’s me fucking your gorgeous face. That’s me wanting to cum. That’s me loving you on me—loving every cunt-sucking second you’re near me.


Dear Gentle Sir,

I gasped aloud tonite (just now, in fact), thinking of you. The swell of my need arose sudden and sharp. I need your mouth on me. I want to be with you in all the ways that lovers know, in ways we have yet to know. There will only be “yes” between us… and the stories we weave with our bodies.

Over the moon for you,

Lola xo

get a grip…

69 with oiled asian lady

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