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the neighbours are watching…


Someone has to dip into something more comfortable…







sorry, i’m late…

sorry, i'm late

I was watching myself cum…

and still later on…

I lift my ass just a little, just enough for you to see the edge of my lips, just enough for you to make me shiver with anticipation when you lick my petaled edges. I spread my legs this wide so that the every time you’re alone with your glorious cock, yhttps://i0.wp.com/68.media.tumblr.com/ce79a94f7c9e0a33bf20027c166c5d72/tumblr_o92ps9BEpA1vs8bzjo1_500.gif?resize=417%2C206ou will remember every moan I’ve ever made with you: fucking me with your eyes, your wink, your smile, your cock tip, your fingertips, your tongue tip, your every length and width deep inside me and mine, your mouth your mouth your mouth, fucking me into moaning me into loving me with every hungry touch. I want you now like I wanted you then, doing things that you’ll never forget… ever.

here, in the everyday…

I watch a hummingbird hover outside my window.
I sip tea.

I sit on benches, overlooking pristine nature scenes I cannot even fathom the making-of.

I finger myself and the crisp sound of linens crinkling as I spread my legs makes me gasp your name.


i hope you think about me…

when you masturbate.

bonnet de nuit…


Dear Gentle Sir,

There is something about the midday light that elicits a particular kind of restlessness in me. It’s the same kind of shiver you can only see by looking in my eyes when you are say, feverishly swinging my legs over your shoulder to side-fuck me. Or, when you take my toes into your warm mouth and watch me moan and writhe with surprise.

I spend long periods of time trying not to touch myself when I think about you. I am rarely successful, however. Today, for instance, the image of your clenched jaw as you finger me into yet another feral cum spun me headlong into a series of toe-curling masturbation sessions.

And it is the watching – the way you look and watch and see me – when I am at my most open and therefore, most vulnerable; it is your beautiful eyes on me that somehow continue to rule over nearly every corner of my memory… and my imagination. Years later, I am still woven into the Mystery of being with you.

Today, I wanted to call you each time. I wanted you to sense how my smooth skin warms at the mere thot of you. I wanted you to hear my moans and throaty coos to remember how deeply you still move me.

I wanted you to ask me what I was doing… so that I could tell you how I couldn’t get the right pressure against my clit and so, just like when you’ve suddenly, needfully, and confidently picked me up or swung me around to suit your needs better, I too suddenly needed more. I wanted to tell you how quickly I pushed my bum back and up, one arm stretched out and supporting while the other pushed my lace thong down farther. All so that I could feel my own heat spread and put my full clit’s weight onto my knuckles and cum for you.

(And that was just the first round.)

With each round, I wanted to cum for your eyes and ears and taste buds and hands and cock and ass and inner thighs and heart and more… I wanted to cum for all of you. I wanted you here, naked with me in the soft, midday heat of this summer sun. I wanted you like I want you…


Lola xo

first words…

It may be my own hands that tease and please and soak me through tonite but it’s your love-gestures that swoop down through my random recollections.

Jaw clenchttp://hotlinne.tumblr.com/image/145347856490hing with pleasure/
your steely thickness of gorgeous, urgent need pulsing against my soft skin,/ 
how your eyes train on every whimper of my pleasure/ 
my mouth full with tasting you/
and your sweetest of cum-sighs…

All that you are when you have given yourself to me – the way you are with me – slips out with each gasp of my throaty cum. My toes curl and my long legs tense … I am so wet. so hot. so raw with wanting you.

And then, I smell us on me.
And you are here with me, again… as you should be.


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