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Dear Gentle Sir,

Before I fuck your brains out, I will kiss the palm of your hand and gently suckle your neck, just behind your earlobe.

Before I make your toes curl, I will wrap my tongue around your balls and hum my moaning need to feel you burst with cum inside me.

Before you watch me arch and squirt my pleasure all over your hand, I will ride and slide my slit along your cock with my hands pressed against your chest.

I will moan your name like a growl. I will moan your name with every buck and tug and pound. I will moan your name to the beat of my every pleasure. How we will dance together under this full moon!

Before you wake, I will fuel your dreams with memories so potent you will weep not to find me there.

Always, in all ways,

Lola xo








catch your breath…

Honeyed alabaster.

Flawless skin, smooth like silk.  No, like air.  She moves across the room and you can’t take your eyes off her.  A freckle.  A cocktail dress clings to the sides of her small, generous curves; her breasts slightly rambunctious and buoyant.  The emerald-green bounces light into her sweet, brown eyes. The waves and coils of her hair catch your breath like a spider’s web.


I slip between you: softly, hungrily licking and lifting the creamy sauce from her slick, velvety creases.

Our cries – melodic in their intensity, harmonized in their passion – crescendo.


– Lola Moi –

you say you like me…

You say you like me wet.
You say
You say you like me wet.
You say

you say you like me wet

And I spread
So you caress
And I arch
So you grip
And I bend
So you thrust
And I reach
And I
So you
And I
And I
And you say
And I moan
And you say
And in all my wet
We moan

– Lola Moi –

suck 'n' fuck


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