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trip wire…

trip wire

three things, just three…


… and then when your cock stretches these lips you’ve so sweetly prepared, I want you to squeeze my bold clit between your thumb and forefinger: rub rub rub. As you slip deeper and pump harder, don’t release me, please. Trust me when I say: repeat repeat repeat.

take, if you must…

… this little bag of dreams,
Unloose the cord, and they will wrap you round.

— William Butler Yeats —


paradise by the dashboard lights…

I was driving today in the rain. Stopped at a light, I dropped my chapstick between my legs… like, deep between my legs. When I went to retrieve it, my fingers brushed my clit and I paused. Slowly, I began to trace the smooth material covering my most secret of parts.

I realized how hard it must be for you to find the trip wire of my clit when I am packaged so. I imagined you reaching from the passenger’s seat – like the last time we drove together.  My legs parted gently. I saw your beautiful face, your intoxicating eyes, and a moan escaped as I – as you – pressed hard on the tip of my warming iceberg.

The vigour of my rubbing increased until the friction peaked in a pulse of wet, soaking my soft and pretty-now-slippery panties. Cars were honking and driving around me by now, the light having changed long ago. I slipped my hand into my tights and from the side, released my pulsing lips.

Fuck, my cunt is so warm and butter-soft when I am like this… when my body remembers your touch.

I danced my fingers between my folds. I could smell myself and my sweet aroma of need. I licked my lips, dropping my head back on the headrest. My thumb rubbed and pressed my clit (exactly the way I love – the way that makes my legs tremble)  as my fingers spread and slipped into the wet-wet of my cunt.

When my fingers (yes, plural) filled me, it was your hand. My gasps and moans were echo to yours. The heat of my rosy cheeks fogged up my windows. My hips shimmied around my spontaneous self-pleasure. My fingers – yours – plunged in and out, in and out as my clit grew fuller and unbelievably plush under my thumb – the same thumb that I now imagined was your mouth.

Fuck, my cunt is so wet and thrumming-with-thick hunger when you are with me like this.  You whipped me into a moaning, trembling, arching plea for more.

When finally I came, my cries matched the rhythm of the dashboard’s hazard light. My breasts arched to the sunroof and my toes curled inside my rainboots. You must’ve heard how your name danced on my O-shaped lips between the cacophony of “yes!” and “oh!”

I licked my fingers for you, sitting there catching your breath beside me. I licked my fingers as my other hand slowly opened your pants. I licked my fingers as my wet mingled with the heat inside your underwear. As I gripped your beautiful hard and kissed you, your hand returned the grip as it slipped into my hair.

Our mutual grips re-heat our imagination and I don’t care how many lights need to change for you to cum with me… I just need to hear your sweet release.


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