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hear me roar…

hear me roar
Your name is a roar
deep in the pit of my need.


and still later on…

I lift my ass just a little, just enough for you to see the edge of my lips, just enough for you to make me shiver with anticipation when you lick my petaled edges. I spread my legs this wide so that the every time you’re alone with your glorious cock, yhttps://i0.wp.com/68.media.tumblr.com/ce79a94f7c9e0a33bf20027c166c5d72/tumblr_o92ps9BEpA1vs8bzjo1_500.gif?resize=417%2C206ou will remember every moan I’ve ever made with you: fucking me with your eyes, your wink, your smile, your cock tip, your fingertips, your tongue tip, your every length and width deep inside me and mine, your mouth your mouth your mouth, fucking me into moaning me into loving me with every hungry touch. I want you now like I wanted you then, doing things that you’ll never forget… ever.

while i invisibly remain standing…

I don’t need you to paint a picture for me; I know what it is to feel you beside me. I know how it feels to look at you and silently name you “Friend” and “Lover” and “Beloved.” These quiet truths I solemnly commit to memory. They rock me to my core — not unlike the silken tip of your throbbing cock that wakes you from day-walking and deepest sleep… insistent.

We have found ourselves in this place that only makes sense when we are both here; this hallowed space we have created and nurtured and grown. I know what it is to feel your eyes on me and not want to hide. I know what it is to spread myself wide and feel your depths inside me. I am the light shining through each achy, heady bead of pre-cum bliss.

Invisible, we are everywhere. Tonite, now: I run my finger along the smooth, downy-soft topside of my clit. I do this for you. I do this for me. You will likely forget my small, tender creases of secret pleasure but never forget how each is stamped with your name. It is so simple: I want to make love to you as badly as I want to fuck you. Our withdrawal gives me the shakes.

how hard is hard enough…

Dear Gentle Sir,

What is it like to see the look in my eyes change because of the pleasure you bring to my body? What is it to feel my wet heat seep between the fingers that are knuckle deep in my cunt? How do my warm folds snuggle up against your pumping cock? What part of your body clenches when my mouth drops open as so many moans for you tumble out?

I want to be your chest that heaves with urgency as you undress me. I want to be your eyes that watch our bodies become one and separate and become one over and over again. I want to be your nerves that tingle when my tongue traces around your ears and balls and inner thighs.

What is it that makes it so easy to say “no” to me? What is it that whispers in your reasoning mind when I admit how your skin makes mine heat and my clit ache? What compels you to turn away knowing how I gush and soak my panties every time I hear your voice?

I want to spread for you. I want to jiggle with abandon as we take turns riding riding riding. I want to make you dizzy with permission. I want your hand to be mine and feel it squeeze from the intense pleasure you give me. I want to watch your jaw set with determination as my cum draws near. I want our lips to almost touch as we make a delicious mess together.

What is it that makes you say “yes” to any part of me? What is it about me that charges your balls to swirl under your raging-hard cock? What is it that invites you to think about me even when you don’t mean to or want to or imagine you should? What is it that compels you to spread me wide with your imagination?

I want you. I want you to want me. I want to be you with me; to watch what I feel and experience that deepening of yourself inside you. I want to be your tongue that tastes my goodness and light and power and promise. I want my pleasure to drip into your mouth as it fuels your spirit. I want to look down or up or sideways or over my shoulder, seeing you there… with me.

Deeply Yours,

Lola xo

the next showing…

the next showing
To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.

— Federico García Lorca —

what a girl wants…

What a girl needs…

for the time being…

… when you pause, dick-deep in me, and look me in the eyes – probing my clit with your confident, curious fingers. You smile as I squeeze my tits and arch and moan with throaty pleasure.

Anything to hear me make this sound – that’s what we both know you’ll do.

That’s what I count on every time I undress for you. That’s what I long for when I slip past the waistline of my panties and caress my secret-smooth mound.

That’s what I need.
And more…
I need you.

when i needed you the most…






you became a ghost.


where you want me…


Where I want you…

where i want you


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