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salty treats…

salty treat 2

Suddenly missing your mouth…

salty treat 1


we walk a fine line…

Without meaning to,
he’s disarmed me,
with kisses that soothe
and alarm me.
In arms that terrify
and calm me.

we walk a fine line

— Lang Leav —


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the rain is like you…

I don’t know: this gravity elastic feeling to let go and fall together with you is one thing, but it is better to live exactly where you are with as many permanent emotions in you as you can muster.
Talking to myself.

Your spirit is with me.

the rain is like you

Please kiss whatever part of you can reach for me.

— John Cage —

in this freedom, bold…

in this freedom, bold

All of a sudden, I miss your mouth.




fearless, breathless…

I become the tremor that you ignite. “Do you like that?” your hungry voice whispers in my ear. Your hands taut between my legs, two fingers knuckled deep inside my softest wet. I tremble and you bend your fingers, pressing them into my g-spot. I buck and leave my hips high off the bed. “That’s it. Feel my fingers so fucking deep, fucking you.” You rub harder inside me. I bite your shoulder and moan as my hips drop and swivel and rotate around your thick wrist. “Yeah? You want more?”

My answer is the sopping slap of my wet. “Fuck, you’re wet, so fucking wet!” I push and press harder into your hand, my left hand gripping the headboard above my head as I cry out with a throaty moan of wild pleasure. You bite your lip and set your jaw as you heed my call.

I want this fuck so badly. I want to feel you in every hole I have. I want to cum a thousand times in your hands, on your cock, in your mouth, on your face… everywhere. Fuck.

Our foreheads together, I reach between us to fire up my clit. I gasp. “Oh… play with yourself. I love that. Fuuuck! Yeah, play with yourself for me!” My moans become animal sounds as my fingers douse themselves in my cunt-juice. Your cock bobs against my leg in rhythm to our hot moans. When I grip your shaft, I cry out loud; it is about to burst, it is so full – so fucking gorgeous. My grip is confident as I spin and jerk and tug and squeeze. My nipples harden from hearing your harsh breath, your groaning, and mumblings that sound slightly like begging.

“Cum for me…” I whisper this time into your mouth as it gasps for air. Your eyelashes flutter as my coaxing registers. “Cum. Make a delicious cum for me. Me. Me. Me.” You look down at me and I smile with bright eyes.

Suddenly, you lift me and flip me around like I weigh nothing and now, you’re beneath me. Your strength surprises me. Your urgency heats me like never before. I don’t slip you in, though.

“Ride,” you say.

I slide along your utterly fuckable cock, my wet hand beneath, my swollen pussy on top, sandwiching you between.

“Cum for me,” I say louder.

I press down and your head lifts off the pillow, jaw slack; I think you might just cum.

“You first,” you barely gasp. “You, please… let me watch you first.”

I slide along your shaft faster and without missing a beat, you are inside me. I tip my hips back so that I have the traction to push you as deep inside as you can be. And then I buck against you, hard. Our skin slaps and my thigh muscles tense. You grab my tits and squeeze. My head falls back and I almost tumble off, it feels so incredible to have you this way.

My mess of hair falls around my face. Our eyes meet and I watch you as I ride you, between the veil of my hair and the sheen of our exertion. My hips flick against yofearless, breathlessu. I worry I might be hurting you but you’re holding me down now at my hips. My pumping is low against your body, my clit burrows into your stomach and again, I reach down and play its swan song for you.

“Ohhh, yeah… your clit. Play for me. Play! Cum! I want you to cum!” We are both nearly in tears, it feels so fucking good. My cries shift their pitch and I need to brace myself against your chest. My legs are tired but I can feel the crest of the pain that is pleasure, rising like a tsunami in me.

You see it in my eyes, too.

“YES! Come on, fucking cum. Lola, I WANT YOU TO CUM. Pleeeeeaase…!”

And then the lights change colour from inside me; my body tenses and I flood the bed. I am the biggest mess spilling, spilling, soaking you and the bed. You watch my juice squirt out from between our bodies, and cum with a matching roar as my hot cum (and more) gushes down around your hips and over your balls. I grip your chest as you fill me and as I empty simultaneously.

Our chests heave and I fall against you… slick and reeking of hot, hard sex.

“I’m afraid I made a mess.”
“I think maybe you did,” you say with a smile. “I love it, fuck, I love it. It’s so hot. You’re so fucking beautiful when you cum like that,” you whisper.

I kiss you. I kiss you. So sweet, my sweet, I kiss you.

open invitation…

open invitation

You have such a pretty mouth.
To feed it only kisses
would be a wasted opportunity.

— Michael Faudet —


making art is hard…

You will bite my bold nipples through my shirt. I will strip while you watch, leaving my panties for you. You will slowly slip my panties to the side, pausing to adore my smooth, swollen lips. I will spread my long, smooth legs as you press your tongue hot against my clit. I will buck against your teeth. You will suck some more. I will moan and grab your head, pushing you deeper into my slippery warmth. You will moan. I will echo so ardently you almost cum. Your face will fuck me wild. I will cum in your sweet, hungry, clever mouth. And neither of us will apologize.

art is hard

how to keep being…

how to keep being
Where we go from here…
might not be boring.


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