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there are days…

when nothing special happens…












alone with other people…


Is anyone moved / by the plainness of raw skin anymore?

— Gabby Bess —


salty treats…

salty treat 2

Suddenly missing your mouth…

salty treat 1


the rain is like you…

I don’t know: this gravity elastic feeling to let go and fall together with you is one thing, but it is better to live exactly where you are with as many permanent emotions in you as you can muster.
Talking to myself.

Your spirit is with me.

the rain is like you

Please kiss whatever part of you can reach for me.

— John Cage —

mark of the beast (dodging bullets)…

A sea of faces parted and there, I found my heart.
a joy awoken that broke me wide open
A sea of kisses later, and there I left my mark.
a light reborn that guided me home
A sea of betrayals found me, and here I stand alone.
a dark i defy that was never mine to own

dodging bullets

what i don’t say…

With each innocent brush of lint off your shirt and casual caress along any part of your face… is the body memory of this and the aching what i don't saywant for you to once again lie with me.









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