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when i say “little,” i mean a lot…

A little sucking and slurping, nibbling and squirting.
A little plunging and pounding, bucking and creaming.
A little over and under, sideways and backwards.
A little splurging and moaning, watching and pleasing.
A little spreading and reaching, gripping and screaming…

when i say "little," i mean a lot
Fuck, I am so ready.

bump in the night…

http://idterab.tumblr.com/post/120819481830I am
from our fuck.

I am a chest-heaving,
slicked-up mess of wet
from your
plunging-pounding hard.

when dreams feel like real life…

Dear Gentle Sir,

Must I remind you?

When you hold me, firmly, losing yourself inside the flavours I am.
Your voice, especially when pleasure overtakes you.
Your hands gently, almost secretly, caressing mine.
The growing bob of your eager cock, and the way you watch me enjoying you.
The shiver you make when my tongue and lips read between the lines.
The surprise on your face when I blush from your masculine beauty.

The moan I am when I am with you.
The fucking moan I cannot keep inside.

Achingly Yours,

Lola xo

you can’t. not yet. so don’t…

“What does it take to inspire you?”
He asked.
“I need to fall in love,” she replied.
“Surely there must be an easier way,”
he retorted.









“Why, I have already fallen in love twice today,” she answered,









“First, when I set my eyes upon the
ever precipitous mountains that surround us,
guarding us like the skin that stretches along our bones,
and second,
with the uncertainty in your voice when you asked
if there is anything easier than falling in love.”

— n. o. —

a night that is a day…

I spread myself.

Give me your weight.

My arms wrap around and mark the width you are on top. My hips buck up and pause so that your heat sinks deeper.

Yes. There, there. Oh, God, yes.

My hands reach around you, up and down, I caress the waves of each pump, gripping you with each crest our moans make. I bite your lip, your shoulder – it’s all I can think to do.

We are fucking, oh fuck.

All I want to do is be filled by you. I want to taste your need. Pound me right to my core with your desire; make my cunt throb with subtle ache for days.

We dance love when it is not… and so much more.

In the silence we create as you look into my eyes, I see what I don’t understand. I feel your hand – gentle, firm – around my neck, and I squirm for a kiss.

Again. Please, again. Oh my fuck, don’t stop now.

There is no denial. There is only time – the time we take to swallow, submerge, and satiate the other. Your cock bobs and weaves its way. My mouth opens, as it must.

Fuck. Your mouth… fuck me, I love your mouth.

There is no end, only what begins anew.


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