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90% of success…

90% of success
is showing up.

do you hear what i hear…

… A song, a song,
high above the trees.

with every inch…

Before this moment:

A look.

A curiosity.

A fullness of desire.

A secret:

An ache to know you.

with every inch


and you wonder why…

Mr-Feelgood-Stuff –  “Take Your Pleasure Seriously”

A man who knows how to use his tongue is unforgettable.

yes, you are…

 Mr-Feelgood-Stuff –  “Take Your Pleasure Seriously”

I’ve ruined my panties.

yes, you are
Soaked with thots of you, they are.
You’ve made me cum three times.

yes, you are 2
And I can tell…
I’m not finished yet.

This is the persuasion of your memory.
This, the power of your presence around me.

never the same again…


All sorts of things in this world behave like mirrors.


— Jacques Lacan —

excerpts from the once-blind…

A man once told me that I make the trees turn on.
My presence, a switch that illuminates
his dark world, making it brighter and alive.
But his words, like so many others, were hollow —
mere shadows of the same dark,
delusions of an escape he hid inside.
His fear of freedom was
an echo I chose not to hear.

Stories like this, I wish weren’t true. I wish such stories weren’t mine. The ones I care about now feature you. Stories that promise more hours in a day to hear you cum. Stories that feature me climbing on top of you and sliding your cock inside, all the way to its meaty end. Where I bend over and you, on your knees, push your tongue between my lines and suckle me into tears of writhing, wanton pleasure.

Just like you’ve done before.
But more.
And again.

When you touch me, let me look. Let me watch pleasure overtake your jawline. When you kiss me, let me tremble with you. Let my pussy soak my panties before you undress me. When you moan with me, let me grip your thickening cock with the urgency I feel. Let me lick my lips in preparation to please you. Let me be my own light while you bask in your own – our skin entwined, ever-curious.


Don’t be afraid.
Don’t lie to me.
Don’t confuse me with someone
who is nothing without you,
is blind, afraid enough to possess you
or just walks away.

I’m not her.
Even when I forget to be…
I’m only and ever me.

all the light we cannot see…

... because we close our eyes.

… because we close our eyes.


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