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trip wire…

trip wire

lessons from the longest study…

Shivers from your touch.
With each look into my eyes.
Weeping and wet from need.
Weak with pleasure.
For hours.
Forever.lessons from the longest study


a short history of the apple…

Teeth at the skin. Anticipation.
Then flesh. Grain on the tongue.
Eve’s knees ground in the dirt
of paradise.
a short history of the apple
— Dorianne Laux —

joy division…

joy division

My body blushes when I’m with you.

how high you may reach…

how high you may reach



is so necessary
for man
as the company
of intelligent women.

— Leo Tolstoy —


Stand close – so very close – to me…
but don’t touch me, Lover.


Make me linger in this anticipation of you.

take, if you must…

… this little bag of dreams,
Unloose the cord, and they will wrap you round.

— William Butler Yeats —


the jealous man lives in hell…

the jealous man lives in hell


I let you see my deep pleasure.
The blush rises in both our cheeks.
Our jaws clench with each
heaving breast of plunging heat
and sweet release.



is the privilege of the human animal.

— Roman Payne —

let it loose…

let it loose


The truth is like a lion.
You don’t have to defend it.
Let it loose.
It will defend itself.


— Saint Augustine —


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