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I am all this… and more.

a lesson in sugarglass…

Here, I am the only kind of holy,
and there is no room
for nonbelievers.

—Ashe Vernon—

i wasn’t safety…

I was Possibility.

it is well that we have met…

it is well that we have met

How odd, I can have all this inside me
and to you it’s just words.

— David Foster Wallace —

a rubied sun in a venice-sail…

Every time I see you, my body wakes up.
I am alive.
Walking away from you, the cool summer wind caresses
the silkiest parts of my thighs.
Echoes of your mouth, your hands, your breath on me.
I moan quietly –
my clit tingles with this need, these secrets.
The stars above us give witness.
Tremors, all.

i could drink a case of you…

i could drink a case of you
Still I’d be on my feet.

the couple in the park…

A man walks alone in the park and beside him a woman walks, also alone. How does one know? It is as though a line exists between them, like a line on a playing field. And yet, in a photograph they might appear a married couple, weary of each other and of the many winters they have endured together. At another time, they might be strangers about to meet by accident. She drops her book; stooping to pick it up, she touches, by accident, his hand and her heart springs open like a child’s music box. And out of the box comes a little ballerina made of wood. I have created this, the man thinks; though she can only whirl in place, still she is a dancer of some kind, not simply a block of wood. This must explain the puzzling music coming from the trees.

the couple in the park
— Louise Glück —

like dominoes…

like dominoes

to be the candle or the mirror…

to be the candle or the mirror
People grow when they are loved well.
If you want to help others heal,
love them without an agenda.

—Mike McHargue —

to be the candle or the mirror 1


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