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hear me roar…

hear me roar
Your name is a roar
deep in the pit of my need.




how to keep being…

how to keep being
Where we go from here…
might not be boring.

perhaps you will…

I just want you to lie still. Naked, in front of me. I want you to let me look at you, really look at you in all your glory. I want you to see my acceptance. I want you to see my delight. I want you to see my desire for the man you are, lying before me. Don’t close your eyes while I tenderly trace your skin. Be prepared for when I look into your eyes so that our souls may lock even as my fingers and hands continue their journey along your various lengths and widths.

You are glorious. Your giving heats my cheeks. Your quiet moans and wild eyes soak me through. You are so fucking beautiful when you are… this. I could spend all day like this with you.

And what textures you are! Touching you like this, like your lover, quickens my breath. Your body’s dance is my song. Soon we will sing and our cries will crescendo and harmonize and in sweaty disarray, I will let you watch me cum and beg you to join me.

I hope you will.

perhaps you will

take, if you must…

… this little bag of dreams,
Unloose the cord, and they will wrap you round.

— William Butler Yeats —


for the time being…

… when you pause, dick-deep in me, and look me in the eyes – probing my clit with your confident, curious fingers. You smile as I squeeze my tits and arch and moan with throaty pleasure.

Anything to hear me make this sound – that’s what we both know you’ll do.

That’s what I count on every time I undress for you. That’s what I long for when I slip past the waistline of my panties and caress my secret-smooth mound.

That’s what I need.
And more…
I need you.

the only way you can invent tomorrow…

the only way you can invent tomorrow

Your fingers know the many secrets of my pleasure.
Your mouth is the key to my sultry moans.
Your cock spreading my lips is a promise
you whisper with your eyes.

follow your bliss…

follow your blissL

The moon is full
And so am I
With you.

the ocean is not silent…

Blue, green, grey, white, or black; smooth, ruffled, or mountainous;
that ocean is not silent.

– H. P. Lovecraft –



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