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no winter lasts forever…


You watch me lightly circle and press the tip of my clit. I spread my legs wider and linger slowly, tracing the length of my smooth lips. I smirk, watching how you change—how your desire flushes through your body and floods your cheeks.

“This is where I want your mouth.”

Your throat is suddenly dry. You look deeply into my big brown eyes. I am startled by the heat that surges through me at that look.

“Fuck, you are gorgeous,” I whisper.

You hold my hips and pull me closer to the edge of the bed. On your knees, you look up at me again from between my legs. You are so serious. I’m not sure how to read your expression. Your jaw clenches, almost quivers.

I don’t know this but you can smell my cunt. Generally speaking, I have no idea how hard my body’s smells make you. I am oblivious to the throbbing state of your cock right now and I have no idea how impossible it is for you not to just fuck me into a bucking, moaning, thrashing pleasure-mess.

My cunt lips are moist inside; my sweet pussy hasn’t ramped up to its usual “fuck me now” wet-smell, not yet. That’s what this time is for… to prepare me for an unrestrained squirt-cum.

You look at my folds, memorizing them anew. I move a bit closer because I am aching to feel you on me but you return me to my spot so that your view of my pussy is exactly where you need it.

“Wait,” you whisper gently and stroke the soft inside of my thigh with the tip of your nose and closed lips.

“I don’t want to,” I moan back.


You slowly kiss, then suckle my thigh—right on my secret moany spots. My hips lift off the bed when you find the most sensitive of these spots and you put your hands under my ass and along my back. You pull me into your mouth then. My throat catches and I lose my breath feeling your tongue flatten along my warm lips. You feel my moan vibrate on your tongue and without meaning to, your own moan vibrates deeply in return.

We play this vibration-echo game for what feels like not-long-enough. Your mouth is magic, I feel incredible, and even as I get so so so fucking wet, I fear you must be getting bored; I am torn between receiving and giving. I feel selfish wanting you here like this. I feel greedy for wanting you to want me like this forever. I could watch you eating me out forever. I know I’ll never tire of feeling your mouth on me.

My uncertainty reigns; I try to lift your head.

“Are you ok? Do you want to do something else?”

You burrow your face into my folds in reply. Your gaze on me is intense, feral… your moans are growls of need and something beyond passion. Your grip on me intensifies; you hold me against you in a vise grip of certainty. You have no use for words, no use for my concern; you are exactly where you want to be. We are connected in the deepest kind of giving-and-receiving. We are one.

My hips are gyrating on your now glistening face. We are trying to keep up with one another, each spurring the other on—you, with with muffled cries of encouragement and me, writhing and quivering with reaching, grasping hands.

I am exactly where you want me. I am exactly where I want to be.

When your finger finds the trigger point of my g-spot, my body seizes and stretches into an incredibly supple arch. You are inspired; you suck harder, disregarding any former fear that your latch on me might be too hard. My hands are splayed on the bed, gripping the duvet, head tilted back, my chest heaves as my pleasure-cries begin to release with abandon.

You’ve made me wild. My pleasure is beyond anything I’ve allowed myself to feel before. I look at you, eyes wide in amazement. Your eyes are closed as you dig deeper into this rhythm we’re in… even more lost in it than I am. We’re both drenched in sweat. I can smell us. I want to cum so badly.

I gasp aloud as I feel that tingle roiling in from the back of my hips. I try to talk, I vainly try to lift your mouth up to protect your beautiful face from the cum-torrent peaking inside me.

“I’m so clo…”

You rumble in reply and hunker down. The force of your conviction makes me cry out as I ride the first swell of my pulsating mini-cum. Your fingers pump faster, the friction wreaking the delicious kind of havoc you’d imagined when I first spread my legs for you. I hold the back of your hand and wrist just. so. I need you exactly here.

“Cum, cum, cum, cum…” your lips mumble into my clit.

I want to scream your name. I want to beg you to go harder, deeper, faster. It takes all my energy just to keep from hyperventilating from this joy I’m finding with you. I could ride this wave for hours but I see the strain in your temples and I know we don’t have long.

Just then your finger ignites like a match on my g-spot and I gush. I try to warn you but my body is overcome. I’m engulfed in a seismic surge of cum. I squirt all over your face, soaking your fingers and hand, down the front of your shirt and onto your jeans. I twist and hold on to the corner of the bed and let myself empty all over you. You stand as I convulse unabashedly before you. I look over my shoulder when I hear your pants fall to the ground and I see you mounting me. All I see before you plunge into me is the shiny, red, taut head of your impossibly hard cock.

You straddle me, one leg on either side of your body and hike my hips up just enough to slam into me. I haven’t witnessed this kind of naked need for me before. I lift my hips and push back into you, my hands supporting us against the bed.


I command with each pounding. Your jaw is set. You watch my tits sway and when you grab my right breast with your whole hand, your squeeze sparks along my nerves straight to my clit. You are mesmerized by my body, watching how your cock slides in and out of me, my slick cunt gripping every inch of your beautiful hard.

You lick your finger and swipe some wet from between my legs before you slip your finger deep in my ass. I gasp again and you cry out as you rub your glorious self from inside me. Our pleasure is matched, our tempo becomes a new fuck-fest of pounding bliss driven by your confidence. I can feel my second cum (or is that my third?!) building deep from my most secret and deprived depths.

“Fuck! Cum inside—OH, FUCK—cum, cum in me!”

You look in my eyes. When I see the certainty there, I lose it… your confidence is the ultimate finisher for me. The sharp  not-pain of my cum overwhelms me as your face mirrors mine: our “O’s” ricochet in rhythm off my ass as you pound this shared cum out of both of us.

The languorous sigh you make in your next faltering breath brings me to tears and imprints on me forever—that’s how sexy and complete you are in that moment.

I straighten my legs to lie face down on the bed and you rest on top of me. I pulse my pussy walls, playing with your still-hard cock inside me until it slides out, spent. I feel your cum’s heat slowly seep through the crease of my groin. I don’t even want to know what kind of epic mess awaits us… I just want to stay here, feeling your weighted breath slow.

When your wits recover, you tenderly kiss my temple and ear. I smile and turn to face you. We kiss in slow motion. I feel our heartbeats pulse through our lips. I have never felt more naked. I have never felt more free.

many times, many ways…

Merry Christmas to you.

even in silence…

It’s a complicated thing, wanting you. Loving you in this way. Inviting you to accept my desire and pleasure and need as equal to yours… as equally tempting, sexy, beautiful, and powerful. “Is this alright?” No. Stop. There is no doubt: you are my lover, the one I can’t get enough of. The one whose smile makes my pussy swell. The one I want touching me, tasting me, licking and suckling me, testing and tempting me… fucking me into oblivion.

Your cum begins just as mine peaks. Our lips meld, shaped wide in the mirrored “O” of our orgasm. Your cries vibrate along my jaw and the force of your final release makes me weep. This is all you needed—for me to lose myself like this in your arms. Your cock fills then pulses and pulses and pulses as I squirt all over you. My mess is merciless. My fingers dig into your strong body as I push into you—begging you to pulse inside me one more time. Our foreheads together, we kiss… breathy, slow, sensuously.

I wrap my tongue around yours and you briefly suck on my upper lip before gently pulling tendrils of hair off my face. The power of your tenderness—before and now—inspires yet another moan from me. Your hand cups my face so you can look at me. My eyes are bright as I return your gaze. Your knees buckle in this weird slow motion way when you see how true I see you. When you see where our secrets took us—what permission they unlocked. When you see how much I loved being with you just now. When I let you take your time drinking my disheveled body in… gleaming with our sweat and cum.

You gently kiss me in all the places you missed before; you smooch and nuzzle against me until my breath settles. My hand leisurely traces your hair, your ears, and jaw, your shoulder and limbs and lips. When you rest your head on my hip and wrap your arms around me suddenly and squeeze, I’m surprised to see how much you’ve given me of yourself.  My smile: my trust. You know then, without asking, that I want to do this again with you… in all the different ways we can think of and those we can only feel. I want to taste your freedom again when it’s like this—naked.

first words…

It may be my own hands that tease and please and soak me through tonite but it’s your love-gestures that swoop down through my random recollections.

Jaw clenchttp://hotlinne.tumblr.com/image/145347856490hing with pleasure/
your steely thickness of gorgeous, urgent need pulsing against my soft skin,/ 
how your eyes train on every whimper of my pleasure/ 
my mouth full with tasting you/
and your sweetest of cum-sighs…

All that you are when you have given yourself to me – the way you are with me – slips out with each gasp of my throaty cum. My toes curl and my long legs tense … I am so wet. so hot. so raw with wanting you.

And then, I smell us on me.
And you are here with me, again… as you should be.

perhaps you will…

I just want you to lie still. Naked, in front of me. I want you to let me look at you, really look at you in all your glory. I want you to see my acceptance. I want you to see my delight. I want you to see my desire for the man you are, lying before me. Don’t close your eyes while I tenderly trace your skin. Be prepared for when I look into your eyes so that our souls may lock even as my fingers and hands continue their journey along your various lengths and widths.

You are glorious. Your giving heats my cheeks. Your quiet moans and wild eyes soak me through. You are so fucking beautiful when you are… this. I could spend all day like this with you.

And what textures you are! Touching you like this, like your lover, quickens my breath. Your body’s dance is my song. Soon we will sing and our cries will crescendo and harmonize and in sweaty disarray, I will let you watch me cum and beg you to join me.

I hope you will.

perhaps you will

cara bello…




The weighty bob of your
beautiful hard cock
thrills me
into worshipful silence.


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