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there are days…

when nothing special happens…












to make them blush…

to make him blush

The words that make the rose bloom were also said to me.
The words told to the cypress to make it grow strong and straight,
The instructions whispered to the jasmine,
And whatever was said to the sugarcane to make it sweet,
And to the pomegranate flowers to make them blush,
The same thing is being said to me.

– Anne Lamott –

rose bloom

release the hound(s)…

Those scissors, there.
Spread your palm, wide.
Slip your fingers through, all the way.

Cut. me. out. of. here.


hasta mañana…

hasta mañana

a love song…

What have I to say to you
When we shall meet?
I lie here thinking of you.

The stain of love
Is upon the world.
Yellow, yellow, yellow,
It eats into the leaves,
Smears with saffron
The horned branches that lean
Against a smooth purple sky.

There is no light—
Only a honey-thick stain
That drips from leaf to leaf
And limb to limb
Spoiling the colours
Of the whole world.

I am alone.
The weight of love
Has buoyed me up
Till my head
Knocks against the sky.

See me!
My hair is dripping with nectar—
Starlings carry it
On their black wings.
See, at last
My arms and my hands
Are lying idle.

How can I tell
If I shall ever love you again
As I do now?

– William Carlos Williams –

i run…

A woman would run through fire and water for a kind heart.



Breathe my name with your sigh.


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