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des communs élans…

des communs élans




She the river that wears down stone
and makes new caves in my body
For me to crawl into and laugh and splash in
In the warm and wet and small places where there is no shame.

Electric Youth

while i invisibly remain standing…

I don’t need you to paint a picture for me; I know what it is to feel you beside me. I know how it feels to look at you and silently name you “Friend” and “Lover” and “Beloved.” These quiet truths I solemnly commit to memory. They rock me to my core — not unlike the silken tip of your throbbing cock that wakes you from day-walking and deepest sleep… insistent.

We have found ourselves in this place that only makes sense when we are both here; this hallowed space we have created and nurtured and grown. I know what it is to feel your eyes on me and not want to hide. I know what it is to spread myself wide and feel your depths inside me. I am the light shining through each achy, heady bead of pre-cum bliss.

Invisible, we are everywhere. Tonite, now: I run my finger along the smooth, downy-soft topside of my clit. I do this for you. I do this for me. You will likely forget my small, tender creases of secret pleasure but never forget how each is stamped with your name. It is so simple: I want to make love to you as badly as I want to fuck you. Our withdrawal gives me the shakes.

so late so soon…

I lower the lights, lie down on my bed,
And, rolled into the shadows, I see you–

so late so soon

  — Arthur Rimbaud

how to keep being…

how to keep being
Where we go from here…
might not be boring.

light has no shadow…

she is the light.

wide awake, on tiptoe…

They are patient and wise, these barely-feminine hands of mine. They seek. They know truth before I do – this is the scent they follow.

I cup your beautiful face. My hands guide me as words get lost in your eyes, in the thick lump that forms in my throat. As I trace, my fingers taste you, your fear, your need and your hunger. Along your jaw, over your lips, around your ears, sliding down and around your neck.

Something about your skin cradled against mine heats me – my cheeks, the nape of my neck, my soft soft cunt-folds.  My caress guides us both to a resting place – a place beyond, sourced from a breath-like tremble.

I have been told that my hands are intoxicating but only when touching you, do I sense some of what that might mean. I’m almost afraid to touch you more – to learn you are less than you trust me to hold.

Already I feel the full force of being seen by one who will not fully choose me and in that same breath, I defy the shadow of all we cannot be.

wide awake, on tiptoe

just a second choice…

I cup your balls in my hand as you straddle me on the bed to kiss me. Your mouth is sweet and my back arches up; I want my nipples to brush your broad chest. Our tongues play while my hand methodically works your hard into harder. Up and down and around, I twist you into a pleasure of moans.

I smile into our next kiss and you pause to look at me. Suspended above me, you look deeper into me than anyone else ever has. I love this about you – your boldness with me. The reward: I let you see me… it… I let you see how hungry I am for you. The tease of my smile and the dimples of delight in my cheeks give me – your bright-eyed lover – away.

I pull on your lip with my teeth as I pull your cock closer and with both hands, I knead that first gasp out of you. My legs splay under you, the inside of my knees pushing against the outside of yours. Every gasp and moan that escapes your beautiful mouth works me  into a state of wet. I am clever and tenacious, tender and wicked, saucy and sweet with your skin, with your mouth and the stunning thick of your amazing cock.

I want to be ready for you when you finally decide you must fuck me.
You aren’t the only one waiting to fill me.

I slide down until your cock slips into my mouth. My throat sucks you all the way in… and back. I push you deeper from behind. I hold you with my lips and suck you suck you suck. You want to thrust but I hold you still. You want to grab me everywhere. Your hands flail as I push your hips towards me just a. little. deeper. I suck you suck you suck.

This confidence I have with you translates so clearly: I will have you dizzy with desire. My mouth full of glorious, rock-hard cock, I watch you now as my hands push up behind your balls and slide back and forth, forth and back, back further until I slip inside and find that secret you keep. I slip inside and your eyes widen as you look down at me. Pressing down on that sweet bulb inside you, your gasps become cries and finally, finally! You finally pump… as you must.

You are so close.
But you want to fill me more… to spread my folds – in the deepest, hottest wet I am.

I’m more than ready.
Fuck fuck fuck
Fuck, yes.



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