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handle with care…

handle with careOh my fuck, I can’t stand it.
I can’t stand
not touching you.
I can’t stand not feeling your eyes on me.
I need to touch you
and be touched by you.
I need to hear you moan as you watch my pleasure.
I need to taste you with my everything.


So, when I grab your hand and lead you into the bedroom, it’s not on sudden impulse; my tug is a longstanding ache of horny that has been needing you in unspeakably hot and naughty ways.

the air soft…

A soft kiss placed in the right spot while wrapped gently but firmly in your arms… it is the gateway to all my pleasures. Your gentle touch is the inspiration of my depths. To be treated as precious inside your passion is the bloom of my ache. The everyday of our connection is more; it becomes the wild secrets that explode between us in the middle of the night—that keep us up into the wee hours when we are apart. Never underestimate what moves me to say “yes” to even the unspoken wishes you hoard; it is you and always will be.

i like her…

I could watch her the rest of my life.

— Philip K. Dick —

april has the cruelest mouth…

On my knees, I unzipped you. Do you remember? I ask because it’s easy to forget how you make me feel.

How, when I see your beautiful hard and smell your musky need, my lips part – like the wettest sea.

How, when you look at me (the way you do), I quiver. How, looking down and seeing you between my legs, makes me reach and moan utterly and wholly breathless.

How, when I touch you, and hold you, and (if I’m lucky enough to) taste you, my skin feels electric and my brain short circuits.

It’s easy to forget how my clit loves the grip and suckle of your tongue – the confidence of your curious mouth. How, when your breath catches and your moans escape and your grip tightens, all that’s running through my mind is:

Yes. Please. Fuck, give me more.

To be with you is to want to cum hard, to writhe and buck against your strong body. To fuck like love. Do you remember how? I’m on my knees now, let me show you again.

we all know where the rainbow goes…

we all know where the rainbow goes
We are told it’s a pot of gold.

we are told it's a pot of gold


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