do not disturb, part 2…

“I can’t believe anyone would say no to you,” she says sitting on you, rubbing and teasing her gorgeous orbs.

She shifts her weight then and feeds her man-starved pussy with you – yours being one of the most gorgeous, greedy cocks she’s ever seen.  She can’t ride you hard or fast enough.  She thrashes your dick without mercy.  You are grabbing, twisting and bucking up into her when suddenly, you flip her over.

You split her legs and plow into her, putting one leg over your shoulder so she can rock with your rhythm. She wants you to possess her.

What a glorious fuck.

Soon she is screaming and moaning with every thrust, with every delicious slap your bodies make.  You are riding her now, this long-legged beauty, with your balls slapping the slick walls of her cunt inside and out.

More. Oh fuck, give her more.

Her pussy buzzes with furious passion; you pound her so fucking hard it feels like your popping out of her throat. You are still pumping frantically when another set of hands appear out of nowhere and squeeze her fuck-whipped nipples.

But then, your shaft pulsates a truckload of cum and her pussy squeezes you for the first time of many that night.

You fall apart, shiny and wet… her legs hang over the edge of the bed but before she catches her breath, a head of dark curls appear between her strong thighs and starts to lap her up.

With a weak moan she pushes her mound into this new face. He slurps and taunts her clit until her body is shaking anew.  She begs for air and when he finally lifts his head, he smiles with her juices fresh on his lips and chin.

“The door was open and I had to try you on – you made my cock dance from all the way down the hall.” He nods appreciatively at you, “I figured one more wouldn’t hurt when she obviously needs it so bad.”

He is tall and lean and as he stands, she slides onto her knees, taking his long wand in her mouth, whole.  His head falls back with an incredible groan.

She is one meat-lovin’ girl. Fucking fantastic is what she is.

From behind, your attentive, skilled fingers spread her sweet lips.  Her clit jumps and gushes more hot juice. Your tongue slides in and out of her dripping pussy.  She moans and guides your head to her ass and all that juice sliding down her thighs. Your gifted tongue slurps and teases all the way up and down and around the ring of her perky, smooth ass.

She scoops a handful of her horny juice and works it into the ass of your mystery guest, sliding her hand up and down between his round cheeks.  She burrows her face even deeper into this unexpected, indulgent lover.  She dips a finger slow and sure into his chocolate bowl and at the same time, you split her from behind with your tongue. She feels his cock flex in her mouth as her fingers ease deeper into his asshole.

He is panting like a dog.  And fuck, they are hot, taking what they want, giving what they need.

More. Oh fuck, give her more.

. . .

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