goodbye summer…

It’s sunny and hot in the fading Summer air. You watch me come out of the water, my thick nipples pushing against my little bikini, my hips swaying just the way you like them. I sit on the recently vacated lounge chair beside you. You’re lying on your side, towel draped around your waist, watching me. I smile from behind my sunglasses and turn onto my stomach, my suit bottom catching in the cheeks of my sweet, tanned ass.  You can see the edge of my smooth tits push out at my sides after I untie my bikini straps and lie back down. I pass you my sunscreen and you look around, wondering who you know, who might see…

My sun-kissed skin is cool but your hand heats up as it slips between my upper thighs. Reaching from behind, you rub my crotch through my wet suit. I moan, deep and soft in reply, my hips are restless. “You’re so hot, so beautiful,” you say as you then slowly massage the sunscreen down my back, gently teasing at my sides, pausing here and there to take me in. With each circling, your hands get closer to where I need them until finally, my skin tingles when you ease your fingertips under the elastic of my suit.  You knead my cheeks; the way you grip me is firm and confident. I realize then that I’ll do anything you want; all you have to do is ask. I can feel myself getting wet, my back arches deep and my rear rises higher with each clench you make.

“What do you want, Baby?” you ask as you cup and lightly smack the juiciest part of my ass.

You scoot your chair closer, sliding your hand back and forth, dipping lower between my cheeks with every pass.  My moan comes from deep inside but then you suddenly, you abruptly sit back, away from me. I can feel the beach wind blow where your hot hand just was. You pour more of the oily lotion. I wait impatiently. You chuckle in the back of your throat; you know exactly what I can’t wait for.

“What do you want, Baby?”

With my back arched and my rear begging, I don’t know how much clearer I can be.

“Perfect,” you murmur as you slide your finger directly towards my… and then stop. Your fingertips move  out towards my hips and then back again, my sphere gently rotates as my ass waves, aching to take you in. The circles grow smaller and smaller, until your finger pauses directly on my sweet starfish. I almost thrash from need; long ago giving up on hiding my moans, my desire for you to be inside is overwhelming.  My pussy gushes as two thick fingers part my dewy lips and rest. I catch my breath and open my eyes to see the lifeguard totally fixated.

“He sees us,”  I say as you ease your middle finger into my now dripping cunt.  You can’t help but moan and smile that sexy smile of yours. You dip deep inside me and flutter your finger just enough to make my legs shake. You begin to pull out and my moan, my moan reaches beyond us.  “Be still,” you say and nod to the lifeguard. From the corner of my eye, I watch you seal your secret pact – you and the bronzed guard on high who’s shifted in his seat to get a better view. Then you dip the full length of your finger into the sunscreen oil.

Your hand slides back inside my suit, your middle finger floats just close enough to make my rear dance around the tip.  You sigh as you stretch me, listening to my light panting.  “You’ve got a real tight ass, Baby.” I can’t arch my back any deeper or extend my ass any farther here, beside the water and splashing neighbours.  You bury your finger open-handed, gently but persistently and grasp my ass firmly in your big palm.

Your other finger finds my clit and I roll onto my side, slipping my hand under your towel. Your thigh is thick and hot under my hand. I love reaching for you, my jaw dropped slightly, I pant with anticipation; my mouth is drooling for your beautiful hard.  And if anyone cared to notice, they’d see your bouncing shaft trying to shake that towel off, not unlike a dog shaking wet off its sleek back. My hand grasps the hardest, thickest, most amazing cock. My breath catches and I squirt just a little. I am so wet as you lean over,  your voice barely a whisper in my ear, and you ask me again, “Is this what you want, Baby?”

While my hand fondles your balls, my nimble fingers between your legs, I look you in the eyes and tell you how much I want to grip the tip of your cock between my sweet lips and suck that thick prick of yours.  My other hand rubs my swollen clit and I beg you:

drill my slick, willing, over-heated pussy.
split my starfish right here where everyone can see.
pound me with your gorgeous, thick meat.
suck me off until I can’t breathe.
fuck me until parents have to run away covering their Innocent’s eyes… and ears.

I beg you to take me until every single woman on this beach will want you like this, will want you as much as I want you.  I want you to kiss me deep and soft, play your tongue against mine, against my clit, sucking and teasing my rock hard nipples.  I want you to put my legs around your head and pull my hips into you as you cum inside me.  I don’t ever want you to stop.

Your eyes are closed now, taking in my voice so, you don’t see me lick my lips and slip my head under your towel. Your fingers pick up speed as I lick and suck, tormenting every inch of your heat; my eager mouth is up, down and around, flicking you, making you jump with pleasure.

We almost cum right then but I part my lips and tell you to wait. “Be still,” I say.  I sit up, loosely retie my suit and slip back in the water.  You follow me in, the lifeguard smiling his approval.

We face one another as I spread my legs and push our suit bottoms down.  Your mouth slurps on my raised tits. Your hands move from my tits to my hips, until finally, your throbbing cock plunges into me.  Slowly, deeply – so deep – you fuck me first from the front and then from behind, fingering my clit until we both cum, until we’re both out of breath, until we’re so spent all we can do is smile and float beside each other in the water.

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